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The Weezer Vault is the name given to Karl Koch's extensive archive of Weezer documents, music, merchandise, and odds-and-ends. It is the home for every piece of band history that Koch has kept or secured since the early days of 60 Wrong Sausages through to the present day. Although not fully complete (as some pieces through the years have been lost, or are too elusive/obscure for Koch to obtain), exhaustive and consistent preservation measures make the Vault into effectively a library of each any every relic pertaining to Weezer. Its appearance and contents are only occasionally shown off to fans. Notably, Koch has given a small number of "Vault Dives"; private video livestreams with Weezer Fan Club members where he shows portions of the Vault and discusses the history surrounding specific items. In 2022 and 2023, the Vault was relocated to a new, more adequate location and reorganized.


Vault Dives

Although the Vault Dives were private and not officially released, some audio and video of the livestreams survive:

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