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"Touch-Down!" is an unrealized song worked on by Rivers Cuomo for the aborted Weezer concept album Songs from the Black Hole. The song is listed by name in a synopsis written in Cuomo's notes (as seen in the book The Pinkerton Diaries). The song is not known to have been demoed, but Cuomo lists the song in a potential track list in his notes, along with potential lyrics. Though no musical notation for the song is included in the Pinkerton Diaries, the lyrics suggest that the song was intended as a reprise of "Blast Off!". The song features the characters Wuan, Dondó, M1, and Jonas.


Touch down, there's no sign of life anywhere
I don't understand what the hell we're doing here
Travel for a year and drink a lot of beer is my idea of fun
But where's the prize we should have won?

Chill out
I think I've found some sort of anomaly
We're gonna go out to the surface of the planet and take a quick look around

Go ahead and look around
I'll stay behind
It's time for me to settle down
And set things right

Hold on, who is that ring you got for

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