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About me


I am the music video man, List of music videos is my babyy
Icon - Globe.png I live in Your mom's House.
I am 16 years old.
Icon - Sheet music.png My favorite song is Binoculars.
Icon - Vinyl record.png My favorite album is Paradise Theatre.
Icon - Red Album.png My favorite Weezer album is The Red Album.


Ezra "Ez" Unknown Lastname is very cool person (Very Cool), born in the same hospital room he hopes to die in (so my average velocity can be zero because I think that's funny) within minutes of Beverly Hills being certified Gold. He spends his free time doing next to nothing and has made almost no meaningful contributions to anything.

Social Medias

Last Will and Testament

If I unexpectedly pass away, I hereby declare all of my possessions go to User:Deckra under the condition that whatever sperm that is left in my balls is donated to a sperm bank and any children that come as a result are named after characters from Kevin Smith's view askewniverse movies.

If I expectedly pass away fuck whoever guessed I was going to die /nsx

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