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About me
Aboutme-Music-note.gif My other favorite artists include:amzO
Icon - Vinyl record.png My favorite album is Spending Time on the Borderline.
Aboutme - Karl Pilkington.png Karl Pilkington has a head like a fucking orange.
KarlKoch.JPG I want Karlification!
Slegrblue.png I'm ready to admit that I like Ozma more than Weezer.
Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 11.05.47 PM.png I am an anti-capitalist.
Aboutme - KarlsCorner1.JPG I check #karlification every single damn hour.
Icon - Sheet music.png My favorite song is Across the Sea.

EXTREME old ozma.png

hello I am Moon, I mostly edit Ozma pages

I am an Olivia Tremor Control STAN

I am the proud creator of the Ben Hogan Weezerpedia page :)

I am on an album with Daniel Brummel

I am a professional Ozma collector

"The year is 20XX, Weezer have ended their reign of terror of earth and the Ozma fans take the place as their rightful rulers. As their first act, they change Weezerpedia to Ozmapedia. Beloved leader Robo-Daniel Brummel begins his work rebuilding the world as a surrogate god. He begins on the first day, he looks to the sky and says, "let there be Boomtown". And just like that, the sky became millions of highly compressed jpegs of the Boomtown album art. On the second day, he looked at the land and said, "let there be Continental Drift". At that moment lands began to split. The land, which was shaped into Flying =W= during the Weezer reign, changed into one resembling The Doubble Donkey Disc album art. All is right with the world." -Ozmapedia Manifesto (from the future)