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Weezer (2012 Album) is an unreleased album that was intended to come out during Weezer's 2011-2013 album-making hiatus. It was under consideration to be self-titled as either a Purple or Black Album. Two songs ("California Snow" and "I'm Just Being Honest") were eventually released on The Black Album.

It was heard in demo form at listening parties, but it was decided to not release it based on feedback. [1]

Track listing

(all songs written by Rivers Cuomo except where noted)

  1. California Snow
  2. Either Way
  3. Guy with an Eye
  4. I'm Just Being Honest
  5. Incredible Body
  6. I Need Some of That
  7. Loop
  8. No Bars
  9. Party Hard (On Noah's Ark) (co-written with Toby Gad)
  10. Vibrator