Weezer concert: 02/26/2002 - Long Beach, CA

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On February 26, 2002 Weezer played live at the "Concert for Artists Rights" in Long Beach, California at the Long Beach Arena. The line-up also included No Doubt and The Offspring.

Set list

  1. "Island In The Sun"
  2. "Dope Nose"
  3. "My Name Is Jonas"
  4. "Undone - The Sweater Song"
  5. "Burndt Jamb"
  6. "Don't Let Go"
  7. "Tired Of Sex"
  8. "Say it Ain't So"
  9. "Hash Pipe"
  10. "Only In Dreams"
  11. "Buddy Holly"
  12. "Surf Wax America"