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Weezerosos.tk or Weezer Latinoamerica is a Weezer web site made for Latin American fans, part of the international fanclub sites listed on the homepage Weezer.com. It started in August 2002, only as a reunion place for Mexican fans of the band, but in short time the webmaster of the site created an alliance with some other fans in Venezuela and Chile, and that's how the International Latin American fan club began.

The site can be found two times in the links section of the official site of the band, Weezer.com, that's because when the webmaster started building the site in 2002, Karl Koch put the link to the page with a description that says it was only a Mexican Fan Club site, a few months later he listed it again as a site for all Latin American fans.

In the past, this site includes a big archive of Weezer songs, videos and photos, as well some interviews translated into Spanish, but right now the site consists basically in a blog with some news of the band and some files to download.

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