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Weezerpedia is a free, web-based, collaborative, encyclopedia project based around the band Weezer. Weezerpedia's articles have been (and continue to be) written collaboratively by volunteering Weezer fans around the world, and almost all of its articles can be edited by anyone with access to the site. Our site is based in large part on Karl Koch's work documenting the band since their inception. Launched on September 27, 2008, Weezerpedia currently has 7,726 articles and 102,085 registered users.

Weezerpedia is an ongoing attempt to catalogue Weezer's career, with efforts to document its recorded music, live shows, interviews, and more. Our site hosts 18,902 files, some of which have been organized into a large photo archive. These photo galleries include archives of set lists, handwritten and other officially-released lyric sheets, official merch, and a chronology of the various pieces of musical equipment the band has used over the years. Musical projects associated with Weezer are also covered, with special attention paid in recent years to Ozma, That Dog, and the bands surrounding Amorphous Records. Bands that share a member with Weezer, including The Rentals, The Special Goodness, The Relationship, Space Twins, Chopper One, and more, are covered as well. As of May 2022, Weezerpedia's longest article is List of Rivers Cuomo songs. Weezerpedia features a large archive of critical response to Weezer's work, including album reviews and song reviews. The site has built out broad coverage on bootlegs of the band as well.

Koch's work has been preserved and built upon on our site, with dedicated pages for the Recording History, Super-Chrono, Karl's Corner, and the Collectors Discography.

The Physical Release Catalog [PRC] is Weezerpedia's newest project. It is an attempt by Weezerpedia editors to create a digital archive of all known physical media, merchandise, and promotional items by and relating to Weezer and Weezer-related projects. The project is endorsed by Koch and is intended to be a spiritual successor to the Collectors Discography, a similar catalog he created in 2001. Many of Weezer's releases are already covered as of May 2023 - try searching Catalog:ALBUM NAME and lots of material will come up. Importantly, the PRC is not meant to be an immediately exhaustive list, but instead an effort to present a catalog of verifiable information regarding physical releases.

Why do we do all this? :zany: :zany: :zany:


Weezerpedia launched three days later than the planned date of September 24, which would have coincided with the Pinkerton release date. It went live at 6:49pm EST on the 27th, with the idea and major initial wiki infrastructure coming from User:OhJonas, User:Soupandballoons, User:Megasnorkel, among others[1]. Koch's work was migrated onto the site gradually over a number of years, with major cataloguing work done by User:Donny. Weezerpedia was and continues to be closely linked to the All Things Weezer forums, with a Discord server dedicated to the wiki itself starting in 2021.

To shoulder the financial and administrative burdens of the site, Koch and the band began hosting and supporting Weezerpedia in the early 2010s[clarification needed]. Despite this, the site maintains complete editorial independence from the band.

Koch first promoted Weezerpedia on Karl's Corner, October 16, 2008:

[...] And meanwhile: recently, what must be the greatest Weezer fan site since the original RWA has launched - Weezerpedia! Weezerpedia is a fan run, fan edited conglomeration of Weezer info culled from all over the web. You might have seen some of this info before, on weezer.com and elsewhere, but never all in one wiki-style editable searchable database like it is on Weezerpedia!

We're linking it up from .com because its so interesting and chock full of stuff for fans to check out. So look for this handy banner link on the weezer.com link list soon:
And in honor of the Weezerpedia launch, yours truly recently did a 2 part interview with the sites organizers. So while on Weezerpedia, look for the new 'Karl interview' parts 1 (video) and 2 (audio).

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Weezerpedia currently has 102,085 registered users.

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Weezerpedia currently has 10 administrators, with three maintaining active site moderation: User:Deckra, User:MyNameIsJason, and User:HMC.

Use in other media

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Weezerpedia has been cited and reported in numerous music publications. A September 13, 2022 New York Times interview with Rivers Cuomo links to the Weezerpedia page for "Mykel and Carli Allan." The retrospective Pitchfork review for Weezer (The Blue Album) links directly to several articles[2] In September of 2021, The A.V. Club published an article by A.A. Dowd that ranked 205 Weezer songs from worst to best that cited Weezerpedia and relied heavily on our wiki. For the record, Dowd ranked the Raditude version of "Can't Stop Partying" last and "In The Garage" first. A number of other websites have cited or covered Weezerpedia, including Stereogum and Rolling Stone.

Response to Weezerpedia

The following section documents various opinions of Weezerpedia from people involved with the band and its fans.

Rivers Cuomo, Weezer lead singer

Posted on Cuomo's personal profile on weezer.com.

Karl Koch

To User:OhJonas:

Martin - that is really amazing, i love it. I will definitely help you launch it with some hype on .com and ill push for some sorta perma link on the homepage. the wiki style of searching and cross referencing the topics is great and ive always wished there was a way to do that.
Karl Koch, August 17, 2008

Sarah C. Kim

Your site is FANTASTIC! I haven't gone through it in much detail yet, but I love the concept. It's really great, I'm already astounded by the amount of details that you've managed to collect.
Sarah C Kim, August 24, 2008

Other references/acknowledgement

The Rentals

From the late 2000's to mid-2010's, the "History" page of the Rentals' official website linked to Weezerpedia's article for "Colorado." The WayBack Machine archive includes a downloadable .swf file of the page as it appeared during time time.

Brendan Walter and Jasper Graham

Brendan Walter and Jasper Graham included an understated shoutout to Weezerpedia in the final frames of the "Grapes of Wrath" music video, released in 2021. The video ends with mock screencap footage of someone searching online for "who directed this video," and the first result that appears is a (fictitious) Weezerpedia page for "Brendan Walter + Jasper Graham". Typing that into the Weezerpedia search bar will redirect you to the Grapes of Wrath article.

Ken Jennings

Jeopardy champion and host Ken Jennings gave a tongue-in-cheek shout out to Weezerpedia in a December 2018 tweet[3].

Daniel Brummel

Daniel Brummel, co-frontman of Ozma, edited his band's Weezerpedia page a handful of times in October of 2021 under the username Ambrosenzams[4].


Starwick, a cover band based in Indonesia that performs Ozma and Weezer songs, updated their Spotify biography in early 2022 with a link to their Weezerpedia page[5].

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