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Featured article: Memories Tour

Memories Tour Poster.jpg

The Memories Tour was a concert tour by Weezer wherein the band played their first two records - Weezer (The Blue Album) and Pinkerton in their entirety. Initially scheduled from November 2010 to January 2011, the tour has been intermittently "revived," with Blue- or Pinkerton-only shows performed as late as September 2015. The tour was named for the lead single from 2010's Hurley.

Most Memories Tour venues were booked for two consecutive nights, with the first being devoted to Blue and the second to Pinkerton. The band opened each show with a setlist of hits and b-sides. The inclusion of "You Gave Your Love To Me Softly," "Susanne," and "Jamie" - all b-sides from the band's 90's output - was notable, as those songs have been performed infrequently by the band both before and after the tour. Karl Koch would host an intermission between this first set and the album-specific set, sharing images and stories from the band's early history.

Despite the fact that Pinkerton songs have been performed live by the band consistently through their career, much mention has been made in the press about Rivers Cuomo's attempts to distance himself from the record upon its initial commercial failure. The band initially considered calling the tour the "Blinkerton Tour," a portmanteau of "Blue" and "Pinkerton," with no apparent connection to Blink-182.

Soundboard recordings from multiple Memories Tour dates were released as official bootlegs dates.

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