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Featured quote: Anna Waronker of That Dog on the writing of "Bird on a Wire" from Old LP; Oct. 2019.


This song is about the struggles of feeling bogged down, undervalued, underestimated and overlooked. For me, it is about being an artist and an adult with adult responsibilities. The verses came to me instantly but then I spent months reworking the chorus. Where I ended up felt a little raw, but I think that is the purpose of the song so I left what felt a little too exposed. Musically, the song was intended to be very stripped down. The album is so lush with arrangements and I thought it would be nice to have a song with one guitar, bass and drums. Well, that didn’t happen. The arrangement instrument-wise is sparse, maybe two guitars thanks to our old friend Chick Wolverton, but we went wild with vocals. It was impossible to hold back so we dove in and came up with something we had so much fun putting together.

- Anna Waronker, Consequence of Sound interview, October 3, 2019

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