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The following page holds the content that will be "transcluded" (i.e. sent over to) the Main Page as a featured song for March 2023. For assistance with editing, please consult Help:Featured song.

Featured song: "Everyone"

"Everyone" is a Weezer demo originally written and recorded in 1998. It didn't see formal release until 2010 with the compilation album Death to False Metal. Rivers Cuomo explained that the band decided not to release it during the subsequent Green Album era because they saw it as "too hardcore, heavy-metal to be on a Weezer record."

The song was recorded at Mouse House Studios in Los Angeles, CA, during the same sessions that yielded Weezer's cover of the Pixies' "Velouria." Karl Koch attributed the "ultra heavy sound" of "Everyone" to then-new-bassist Mikey Welsh, comparing the song to the 1980's band Fu Manchu. "Everyone" has sparse lyrics, with the title word being repeated more than 35 times, often without context. Cuomo performed a new vocal for the song in 2010 in collaboration with producer Shawn Everett. Scott Shriner also reworked his bass parts, and spoke positively of it upon the song's release.

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