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Dotmusic.co.uk interview with Pat Wilson and Brian Bell - July 10, 2001

Back in '94 Weezer became unlikely stars singing about Buddy Holly and sweaters. They might not have looked the part, but they wrote brilliant pop songs and three million of their countrymen and women agreed. Now, in 2001, they are back with arguably their finest hour (well their finest 30 minutes to be exact) in the shape of The Green Album. Last weekend their latest single "Hash Pipe," the first from the new album, was a new entry in the UK chart at No.21.

In between three sold out London shows (read the review), dotmusic sparked up with Weezer's droll Brian and Pat to hear all about the new album, the tour, feeling exhausted, hotel floors and the metric system.

Read the edited highlights below.

dotmusic: Was the break longer than you anticipated?

Pat: It depends on how you look at it. Sometimes I thought we'd never come back and sometimes we thought we should be doing something that day. So pick a day and that's how we felt.

dotmusic: What prompted the return?

Pat: I have several theories, but my main theory is that we got offered a sizable show in Japan a while ago and so that got us together and playing again and one thing led to another. We did the Warped Tour and that was pretty cool. And that got us back in the studio and since then we've been building on each previous step.