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"Undone - The Sweater Song" is the first single from Weezer. It premiered on their self titled debut, Weezer (The Blue Album). The song was written by Rivers Cuomo. Said Rivers of the song, "'Undone' is the feeling you get when the train stops and the little guy comes knockin' on your door. It was supposed to be a sad song, but everyone thinks it’s hilarious." Originally, the band intended to insert various sound clips into the song, but were wary of the cost of licensing them. Instead, the studio version of the song features a spoken introduction by then bassist Matt Sharp and longtime friend of the band Karl Koch, as well as an "intermission" set of dialogue between Karl and one of the founding members of Weezer's official fan club and early supporter of the band, Mykel Allan.This dialogue is frequently ad-libbed during concerts and other live recordings.