Weezine Issue 17 - Tales of Weezer

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Weezine #17 - Tales of Weezer
Cover by Alec Longstreth
AuthorKarl Koch
IllustratorAlec Longstreth
Cover artistAlec Longstreth
PublisherWeezer Fan Club
Publication dateWinter 2021
Media typeMagazine
Preceded byWeezine #16 - 2019 VIP Karl's Corner Experience Edition

Weezine #17 - Tales of Weezer is a special issue of Weezine. Instead of following the traditional zine format, the issue is an illustrated full-color book wherein Weezer history is recounted. It was written by Karl Koch and illustrated by Alec Longstreth, and sold through the Weezer Fan Club mobile app. The book was made available for purchase exclusively to fan club members on November 26, 2021, before being made available to all on November 29. The title and comic book design are references to the Recording History, which had pages headed by a faux comic design utilizing the same title. Both designs appear to parody the series Tales of Suspense.



The first section of the book focuses on the history of 1711 Stoner Avenue, the apartment where several future members of Weezer (and various others) lived from 1991 to 1992. The next section features an extensive recounting of the "Rhino Lad" incident from a Weezer concert in 1997. The book also features brief comic book segments featuring Karl Koch and illustrated by Alec Longstreth, who also provides additional illustrations throughout the book.

Store description

A description of the book was included on the mobile store page:[1]

Written by Karl Koch and illustrated by Alec Longstreth (WFC #2660), is a 64 page full color "zine" in the tradition of the original weezines of the '90s, chock full of stories, photos, illustrations and graphics that go deep into the lore of weezer. The tales were written from the researched perspective of Karl, who saw it all go down, but dug as deep as he could to get the stories straight! Alec has done many projects for weezer and its Fan Club, and has a natural "weezer" style that really brought the Tales to life! Its #17 numbering continues the original Weezine numbering (1-14 from 1994-1999, 15-16 for the Karl's Corner VIP Experiences in 2018-19). #17 features the heretofore mostly untold story of the Stoner Avenue apartment in L.A. that was key to the origin of the band, and a detailed telling of a legendary tale of utter destruction on the Pinkerton Tour in 1997!

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