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Yeezer cover
Tribute album by Chuckie Nugget
Released October 7, 2015
Genre Mashup

Yeezer is a 2015 mashup album by Chuckie Nugget. It features songs by Weezer [[Wikipedia:Mashup_(music)|mashed-up] with songs by American rapper Kanye West.

Track listing

No. TitleSongs used Length
1. "Through the Hills"  "Beverly Hills"/"Through the Wire" 3:10
2. "Back to Nothing"  "Back to the Shack"/"Can't Tell Me Nothing" 3:24
3. "The Girl Got BLKKK"  "The Girl Got Hot"/"BLKKK SKKKN HEAD" 3:03
4. "Bound 2 Smile"  "Smile"/"Bound 2 3:46
5. "American Island (feat. Estelle)"  "Island in the Sun"/"American Boy" 4:07
6. "The G.O.O.D. Life (interlude)"  "The Good Life"/"Good Life" 1:39
7. "Barry Jamb"  "Burndt Jamb"/"Barry Bonds" 2:26
8. "The Buddy Holly Workout Plan"  "Buddy Holly"/"The New Workout Plan" 4:22
9. "(And They) Say It Ain't So"  "Say It Ain't So"/"POWER" 4:35
10. "Perfect Homecoming"  "Perfect Situation"/"Homecoming" 3:49


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