You Were Just Using Me

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"You Were Just Using Me"
You Were Just Using Me cover
Album track by Avant Garde
Album The Purple Demo
Released 1988
Recorded July 3-July 16, 1988 at Trod Nossel Studios, Wallingford, CT
Length 4:15
Label None
Status Officially released
The Purple Demo track listing
"You Were Just Using Me"
Somethin' Different! track listing
"21st Century Shogun"
"You Were Just Using Me"

"You Were Just Using Me" is the first track from Avant Garde's second demo, The Purple Demo. It also appeared on the band's third demo, Somethin' Different!.




Get away
Get out of my life
Don't wanna see you again
Stay away
I'm drawing the line
And this is where it ends

You took me to the point where I was on my knees, whoa
And all I ever heard was "Just you wait and see"
'Cuz you...
You were just using me

Go away
Leave me alone
'Cuz I know what you want
Keep out
The sign's on the door
And I'm keeping it locked

You were never anything but cruel to me
And once you got what you wanted, yeah
You just used me

You were just using me

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