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Zerwee cover
EP by Billy Cobb
Released May 3, 2019
Format digital, CD
Genre Alternative rock
Length 14:32
Label self-published (digital)
Kerosene Records (CD)

Zerwee is an EP by musician Billy Cobb. The album is envisioned as a pastiche of Weezer, particularly of The Blue Album and Pinkerton.


In describing the EP, Cobb has said: "I got tired of waiting for Weezer to release another album so I made one myself". Initially released only digitally via Cobb's YouTube channel, the album received a physical CD release in Japan in late 2019 under the label Kerosene Records and distributed by Disk Union.

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Billy Cobb. 
No. Title Length
1. "The Shell Shack"   3:25
2. "She Doesn't Love Me"   3:21
3. "1955"   4:32
4. "Dumb Song for Virgins to Cry To"   3:20
Total length:


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