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Justin Fisher (born April 14, 1970) is a musician and childhood friend of Rivers Cuomo.



Justin's mother, Mary Pat Fisher befriended Beverly Shoenberger and the two became close friends. Both Justin and Rivers' mothers always arranged for them to play together. In Rivers' Edge, Justin says, "Basically, Rivers and I met in the sixth grade right after he had left his ashram and got to our school. The first time I really met him he had a bunch of these kind of cool fantasy magazines and there were a bunch of guys crowded around him. We had similar interests like Dungeons & Dragons, music and sports like soccer."

In 7th grade, Rivers got Justin into Kiss; at the time, Justin was a fan of the Beatles and the Beach Boys.


Main article: Fury

At an 8th grade talent show, Rivers and Justin witnessed some classmates covering "Metal Health" by Quiet Riot. Rivers and Justin noticed girls rushing the stage and "everyone freaking out", so the two decided to form their own band, Fury, which was a Kiss cover band. In the summer of 1984 Fury began holding rehearsals. By September, they had played their first show.

High School

Justin attended E.O. Smith high school with Rivers. There, the two were pegged as metalheads. Justin and Rivers both enrolled in karate classes. Said Justin, "It was as much protecting ourselves as it was an interest in martial arts, karate and ninja sort of Asian stuff."

Avant Garde and Zoom

Avant Garde was a heavy metal band formed in 1985 by Rivers Cuomo and Justin Fisher in Connecticut. Started while they were still in high school, the band eventually moved to Los Angeles to try to make it big. The band later changed it's name to Zoom before breaking up in 1990.


Fisher formed the short-lived band Shufflepuck in the mid-90s, with Adam Orth, another childhood friend of his and Cuomo's.

Nerf Herder and Psoma

Fisher joined the band Nerf Herder before the release of their second album in 2000. He was replaced by Ben Pringle (currently of The Rentals) when he left to front his own band Psoma.


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