The Rentals

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The Rentals
The Rentals band 2014.jpg
Background information
Origin United States
Years active 1995–1999
Genre(s) Alternative Rock
Label(s) Maverick Records
Reprise Records
Warner Bros. Records
Boompa Records
Polyvinyl Records
Current Members
Matt Sharp
Lauren Chipman
Jess Wolfe
Holly Laessig
Ryen Slegr
Patrick Carney
Former Members
Patrick Wilson
Rod Cervera
Tom Grimley
Petra Haden
Cherielynn Westrich
Kevin March
Mike Fletcher
Jim Richards
Maya Rudolph
Sara Radle
Rachel Haden
Ben Pringle
Dan Joeright
Jamie Blake

The Rentals are a rock band fronted by Matt Sharp, former bass player for Weezer.


The Rentals are best known for their mid-1990s hit single, "Friends of P." The group released two albums during their initial period of activity, 1995's Return of the Rentals and 1999's Seven More Minutes, on Maverick Records. The band quietly dissolved following the world tour for their second album, but in 2005 Sharp reformed the band with intentions of touring and recording a new record. In 2007, The Rentals released The Last Little Life EP containing three new tracks and a revamped version of 'Sweetness and Tenderness', a classic track from their debut album.

Matt Sharp's concept for The Rentals began before his involvement in Weezer. He is heavily influenced by late 70s/early 80s new wave, punk, and synth pop, particularly musician Gary Numan and his project Tubeway Army. As such, The Rentals' sound is dominated by this influence.

During the writing of Seven More Minutes, Matt spent alot of time touring with British musicians including Blur and Ash. Such exposure influenced his songwriting, and caused him to open up to collaborative efforts. Musicians from Elastica, Blur, and Ash appeared on several tracks on Seven More Minutes. Matt has gone on to collaborate with Blur frontman Damon Albarn on several occasions. Along with Blur drummer Dave Rowntree, they recorded a cover of Gary Numan's "We Have A Technical" for a tribute album, and Albarn appeared with the Rentals on French television performing "Friends of P.".

In 2006, The Rentals re-formed and went on a summer tour with Ozma. Following the completion of the tour, they began making home recordings in Los Angeles with Matt and Sara overseeing production. The next summer, in 2007, the band released The Last Little Life EP and went on tour with Goldenboy and Copeland.

After a year of silence, the band announced in 2009 their plans for an ambitious new project: Songs About Time. The first of the three mini albums was released on April 7, 2009 and is called The Story of A Thousand Season's Past.

As of October 2nd, 2018 The Rentals 2019 album has been finished. Matt Sharp announced on his Instagram that they were done recording and mixing the album and that now they were heading into the production phase. The album title is still unknown and a release date has not been announced.


Studio albums

Year Title Label
1995 Return of the Rentals Maverick/Reprise/Warner Bros.
1999 Seven More Minutes Maverick/Warner Bros.
2009 Songs About Time Self-released
2011 Resilience Ernest Jenning Record Co.
2014 Lost in Alphaville Polyvinyl Records
2019 Rentals Expected 2019 Album Polyvinyl Records


Year Title Label
2007 The Last Little Life EP Boompa


Year Title Label
1995 "Friends of P." Maverick/Reprise/Warner Bros.
1996 "Waiting" Maverick/Reprise/Warner Bros.
1996 "Please Let That Be You" Maverick/Reprise/Warner Bros.
1999 "Getting By" Maverick/Warner Bros.
1999 "She Says It's Alright" Maverick/Warner Bros.
2008 "Colorado" Self-released
2017 "Elon Musk is Making Me Sad" Self-released


Year Title Label
1995 The Poop Alley Tapes W.I.N. Records
1995 How The _____ Stole Christmas KROQ cassette Maverick/Reprise/Warner Bros.
2000 The Solution To Benefit Heal The Bay benefit Mojo

Special releases

Year Title Label
For The Ladies (Early Rentals Session) Self-released
2001 Excellent Stocking Stuffer (demos and rough mixes) Self-released
Little Russel Street (Seven More Minutes rough mixes and demos) Self-released

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