Perfect Dream

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"Perfect Dream"
Perfect Dream cover
song by Jason Cropper
Released 2019
Length 3:53
Writer(s) Jason Cropper
Status MP3 in circulation

"Perfect Dream" is a single by Jason Cropper. The song contains several explicit references to Cropper's time with Weezer and the band's history thereafter.


Jason Cropper uploaded the song to his SoundCloud account and shared it privately with fans in late 2019. Cropper performed the song during a virtual concert on July 3, 2020, during which he confirmed that the song would be the second single released for his forthcoming solo album.


When you need a happy place to be
Where the children are well and the songs are safe to sing
Remember all the jams we use to play?
Down on Stoner Ave. back in the day

There is a perfect dream, or so it was
The saddest boy who played with the toughest ???
He traveled far on a quest for true love
You fly so high
Don't have the ???

When you need a happy place to go
'Cause the TV screens have reached a new low
Remember all the jams we used to sing?
When Jen was queen and Patrick was her king

There is a perfect dream, or so it seems
Still reflecting from our old music scene
Matt was kind, we had a good time
And we'd sing our pretty songs
All about the sunshine

They'd love the sunshine

You'll always be the one who ??? the best
Playing with your kids in an ocean out west
You'll always be the one inside my heart
Put down the flowchart
And pick up your guitar
And play your best part
Pick up your guitar

I'm flying home to be near the ones I love
People who love music so much more than enough
Rivers, Matthew, Patrick, ??, Mykel, Carli, Karl
Brian, Mikey, Scott, Darrin, playing all the while

There'll always be the love in the songs you sing
Always give it all for the kids who're listening
'Cause you got a golden gift inside your mind
Just follow your heart
And your treasure we'll find

Rivers, sing your song
Please take me along
Rivers, sing your song

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