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Featured video: Beavis and Butt-Head reacting to "Old Timer" by that dog.

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Featured article: Kerrang! article - April 27, 2002


The following is an excerpt from a Kerrang! interview with Rivers Cuomo.

Kerrang!: Do you consider yourself a normal person?

Rivers: I consider myself a normal person in extraordinary, abnormal circumstances. I think if anyone were in my position they would end up acting like I do.

Kerrang!: Why did you pull that little rock star trip today?

Rivers: There’s incidents like that all the time.

Kerrang!: I think you’ve been childish, a bit "toys out of the pram". Do you know what I mean?

Rivers: I think so (laughs). Well, I try to give myself complete license to do whatever I want at any time regardless of how it affects other people and … I think the benefits I gain artistically from living like that outweigh the costs of, um, all the problems that I have with society.

Kerrang!: Meaning?

Rivers: Everyone hating me.

Kerrang!: What kind of person does that make you?

Rivers: Selfish…immature.

Kerrang!: And you’re alright with that?

Rivers: Yeah, I’ve tried all different kinds of ways of living and I’ve discovered that this is the most conducive to creativity, acting on whim regardless of consequences.

Kerrang!: With no consideration for other people?

Rivers: No. Occasionally, I’ll have pangs of conscience but I try to overcome them. To me that’s a small price to pay.

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Featured song: "Desire" Icon - YouTube.png

"Desire" is a single and the eleventh track from Karlophone's 2002 album, Press Any Key to Begin.

"Desire" was originally released as the final track on Karlophone's (the solo project of Weezer historian Karl Koch) debut album Press Any Key to Begin in 2002, later receiving a physical release on 7" vinyl through Koch's own label, Amorphous Records in 2004. The record was made available through mail order from Amorphous Records' site as well as through Karlophone's Bandcamp page where it is still available to purchase as of now.

The record includes two B-sides, being "If You Listen" and "Desire (Kid Chocolat Remix)".

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On this day... June 15

  • 1994 - Weezer opens for Material Issue in San Francisco, CA at Slim's.
  • 1997 - Weezer opens for No Doubt in Atlanta, GA at the Lakewood Fairgrounds on their Tragic Kingdom Tour.
  • 2001 - Weezer performs in Seinäjoki, Finland at the Provinssi Rock Festival on the Euro Freak Out Tour.
  • 2005 - Weezer performs the second of two shows in London, United Kingdom at the Brixton Academy in support of Make Believe.

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Featured list: List of interviews

The following is an excerpt of Weezerpedia's list of every interview conducted with Weezer or Weezer-related people.

Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
July 1995 BBC Radio 1 interview Patrick Wilson
October 1, 1995 Lollipop Magazine interview with Jocobono Scott Hefflon Mikey Welsh
1998 interview Karl Koch
April 2001 CMJ article Jon Regardie Weezer
April 27, 2001 Kerrang! article Ben Mitchell Rivers Cuomo
May 2002 Guitar World magazine article Tom Beaujour Rivers Cuomo, Brian Bell
July 2002 Guitar Player interview Matt Blackett Rivers Cuomo, Brian Bell
May 17 & May 18, 2020 Reddit Q&A Jason Cropper
January 27, 2021 Apple Music interview Zane Lowe Rivers Cuomo

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