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Weezerpedia is a free, web-based, collaborative, encyclopedia project based around the band Weezer. Weezerpedia's articles have been (and continue to be) written collaboratively by volunteering Weezer fans around the world, and almost all of its articles can be edited by anyone with access to the site. Our site is based in large part on Karl Koch's work documenting the band since their inception. Launched on September 27, 2008, Weezerpedia currently has 7,657 articles and 102,554 registered users.


Weezerpedia is an ongoing attempt to catalogue Weezer's career, with efforts to document its recorded music, live shows, interviews, and more. Our site hosts 18,575 files, some of which have been organized into a large photo archive. These photo galleries include archives of set lists, handwritten and other officially-released lyric sheets, official merch, and a chronology of the various pieces of musical equipment the band has used over the years. Musical projects associated with Weezer are also covered, with special attention paid in recent years to Ozma, That Dog, and the bands surrounding Amorphous Records. Bands that share a member with Weezer, including The Rentals, The Special Goodness, The Relationship, Space Twins, Chopper One, and more, are covered as well. As of May 2022, Weezerpedia's longest article is List of Rivers Cuomo songs. Weezerpedia features a large archive of critical response to Weezer's work, including album reviews and song reviews. The site has built out broad coverage on bootlegs of the band as well.

Koch's work has been preserved and built upon on our site, with dedicated pages for the Recording History, Super-Chrono, Karl's Corner, and the Collectors Discography.

The Physical Release Catalog [PRC] is Weezerpedia's newest project. It is an attempt by Weezerpedia editors to create a digital archive of all known physical media, merchandise, and promotional items by and relating to Weezer and Weezer-related projects. The project is endorsed by Koch and is intended to be a spiritual successor to the Collectors Discography, a similar catalog he created in 2001. Many of Weezer's releases are already covered as of May 2023 - try searching Catalog:ALBUM NAME and lots of material will come up. Importantly, the PRC is not meant to be an immediately exhaustive list, but instead an effort to present a catalog of verifiable information regarding physical releases.