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Fold from a 2001 CMJ Weezer interview.

This page seeks to collate, in chronological order, all available interviews featuring members of Weezer or related persons.


Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
July 31 St. Louis Post-Dispatch interview Alan Sculley Matt Sharp
August 6 The Greenville News interview Fred Shuster Matt Sharp
October 14 Entertainment Weekly article Chris Nashawaty Weezer
November 3 Rolling Stone article Kara Manning Weezer
November 15 Starline interview Matt Sharp, Brian Bell
December 2 The Plain Dealer interview Roberto Santiago Matt Sharp


Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
January SPIN interview Jac Zinder Rivers Cuomo
January 25 The Vancouver Sun interview Neil Davidson Brian Bell
February 24 The Independent interview Angela Lewis Pat Wilson
March Guitar World interview Tom Beaujour Rivers Cuomo
March Rational Alternative Digital Cyberzine interview James Bonisteel Pat Wilson
March 3 The Independent interview Emma Forrest Brian Bell
March 15 Le Nouvelliste interview Philippe Kezzonico Matt Sharp
March 17 Rocky Mountain News interview Michael Mehle Brian Bell
March 25 Rolling Stone article Mim Udovitch Weezer
April Aquarian Weekly interview Al Muzer Matt Sharp
May VOX article Weezer
May 21 Los Angeles Times interview Steve Appleford Weezer
July 12 BBC Radio 1 interview Patrick Wilson
July 21 The Advocate (Baton Rouge) interview John Wirt Matt Sharp
July 23 Knoxville News-Sentinel interview Wayne Bledsoe Brian Bell
July 23 Buffalo News interview Pat Riley Pat Wilson
July 27 Washington Times interview Gerald Mizejewski Brian Bell
August 6 What Magazine interview Matt Sharp
August 10 Detroit News interview Vikki Tobak Brian Bell
October 1 Lollipop Magazine interview with Jocobono Scott Hefflon Mikey Welsh
October 28 Billboard interview Brett Atwood Matt Sharp
November 19 Omaha World Herald interview Jim Minge Matt Sharp
November 25 Toronto Sun interview Kieran Grant Matt Sharp
November 30 Hartford Courant interview Roger Catlin Matt Sharp
November 30 Washington Times interview Rob Runett and Gerald Mizejewski Matt Sharp
December 1 News-Pilot interview Corey Levitan Matt Sharp
December 8 Rocky Mountain News interview Michael Mehle Matt Sharp
[date?] KROQ "Music From Your Own Backyard" interview Zeke Piestrup Supersport 2000


Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
February 2 St. Louis Post-Dispatch interview Alan Sculley Matt Sharp
February 8 Times Union interview Greg Haymes Matt Sharp
February 9 The Record interview Mark Brown Matt Sharp
February 11 Sunday Telegram interview Scott McLennan Matt Sharp
September 16 interview Mike Pattenden Pat Wilson
October ABC TV Recovery interview Dylan Lewis Rivers Cuomo
October 6 Sunday News (New Zealand) interview Anne Hogan Pat Wilson
October 6 Sunday Star Times interview Gary Steel Pat Wilson
October 11 The Daily Telegraph interview Pat Wilson
October 12 Billboard interview Bradley Bambarger Pat Wilson
November Drop-D Magazine interview Paul Watkin Pat Wilson
November 21 Toronto Sun interview Kieran Grant Brian Bell
November 22 Le Soleil interview Philippe Rezzonico Brian Bell
December Addicted to Noise article Clare Kleinedler Weezer
December 4 The Hartford Courant article Roger Catlin, David Daley Rivers Cuomo, Kevin Ridel, Justin Fisher, Kenneth Holton
Addicted to Noise Interview with Rivers Cuomo - 1996 Clare Kleinedler, Michael Goldberg Rivers Cuomo


Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
January Alternative Press interview/article David Daley Weezer, Kenneth Holton, Kevin Ridel, Jason Cropper
February Details interview Gavin Edwards Rivers Cuomo
February Game Informer interview Jon Storm Pat Wilson
March Guitar World interview Tom Beaujour Rivers Cuomo
May 27 Addicted to Noise article Gil Kaufman Jason Cropper
May 30 Deseret News interview Scott Iwasaki Matt Sharp
June 3 Wall of Sound article Linda Laban Pat Wilson
June 6 The Wichita Eagle article Michele Chan Santos Rivers Cuomo
June 10 Addicted to Noise article Clare Kleinedler Brian Bell
June 12 Potomac News article Courtney Reyers Rivers Cuomo
June 13 The Knoxville News-Sentinel interview Wayne Bledsoe Brian Bell
June 18 Press of Atlantic City article Scott Cronick Rivers Cuomo
June 20 The Central New Jersey Home News article Michele Amabile Rivers Cuomo
July Interview with Joe Matt Rivers Cuomo, Joe Matt
July 10 Vue Weekly interview Steven Sandor Rivers Cuomo
July 19 The Los Angeles Times interview John Roos Rivers Cuomo
August 18 MTV interview Rivers Cuomo, Matt Sharp, Pat Wilson, Karl Koch
December Musician Magazine interview Matt Sharp, Tim Gane, Roger Manning, Bob Moog interview Karl Koch


Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
Date unknown No-Fi magazine interview with Space Twins - 1998 No-Fi magazine Brian Bell, Tim Maloof
March 5 interview Rivers Cuomo, Matt Sharp
Summer interview Mikey Welsh, Pat Wilson
November 17 Addicted to Noise interview Gil Kaufman Matt Sharp


Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
January 26 O. Flageul interview Jason Cropper
March 6 Billboard interview Carrie Borzillo Matt Sharp
April 1 Dallas Observer interview Zac Crain Matt Sharp
Late 1999[date?] interview Matt Sharp
1999[date?] SonicNet chat various Matt Sharp


Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
February 4 Rolling Stone article Jennifer Vineyard Rivers Cuomo
March 12 interview Claire Caraska Pat Wilson, Mikey Welsh
April Give Me Strength interview Josh Frank, Darin Ranahan Pat Wilson
June 15 The Bakersfield Californian article Chris Page Rivers Cuomo
June 27 interview Neal Weiss Rivers Cuomo
July 28 article Beatrice Springborn Mikey Welsh
August 10 interview Lord Karl Koch
August 24 WMCX interview The Skiz Brian Bell, Mikey Welsh
September 1 The Buffalo News interview Riley Graebner Pat Wilson
September 6 Michigan Daily interview David Enders Pat Wilson
November 15 Daily Texan interview Ashok Chandra Rivers Cuomo


Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
February 22 interview Courtney, Matt, Eric Karl Koch
February 22 interview Mikey Welsh
February 22 interview Courtney, Eric Pat Wilson
March Revolver article Erick Himmelsbach Rivers Cuomo, Pat Wilson
March 5 University Wire article Jane Smith Mikey Welsh
April CMJ article Jon Regardie Weezer
May 1 Request article Weezer
May Alternative Press interview Weezer
May CMJ article Rivers Cuomo
May 14 AOL Live chat with Weezer Brittany Weezer
May 24 interview Don Zulaica Pat Wilson
May 25 Entertainment Weekly interview Rob Brunner Rivers Cuomo
May 30 Rolling Stone interview Harry Thomas Rivers Cuomo
June 4 Newsweek article Bret Begun Rivers Cuomo, Mikey Welsh
June 7 interview Gideon Yago Weezer
June 28 Terra Ocio interview Rivers Cuomo, Mikey Welsh
June 29 Q article Nick Duerden Rivers Cuomo, Mikey Welsh
July 7 Kerrang! interview Ian Winwood Rivers Cuomo, Pat Wilson
July 10 interview Chris Heath Brian Bell, Pat Wilson
July 19 Daily Pennsylvanian interview Jo Piazza Brian Bell
August 14 interview Craig Rosen Weezer
August 15 interview Brian Bell
September 13 Rolling Stone article Chris Mundy Rivers Cuomo
September 24 Toronto Star interview Ben Rayner Rivers Cuomo, Pat Wilson
September 25 Glorious Noise interview Jake Brown Cherielynn Westrich
Fall No-Nothing Rock! interview with Daniel Brummel and Ryen Slegr - Fall 2001 Michael K Daniel Brummel, Ryen Slegr
December 3 Daily Vidette interview Mike Riopell Karl Koch
December 7 The Plain Dealer interview Gary Graff Rivers Cuomo, Pat Wilson
December 12 WRBC interview Mark Scott Shriner


Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
January 8 AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) chat Kyle Rivers Cuomo
January 10 AIM chat excerpts various Rivers Cuomo
January 11 AIM chat excerpts
January 22 article Andrew Dansby, Jenny Eliscu Rivers Cuomo
February Mike's World of Weezer interview Mike Pat Wilson
February 7 Philadelphia Inquirer interview Rex Rutkoski Pat Wilson
February 8 Boston Globe interview Steve Morse Rivers Cuomo
February 8 Penn State Collegian interview Caralyn Greenemail Pat Wilson
February 22 Harvard Crimson interview Thalia S. Field Rivers Cuomo
February interview Kane, Annie Patrick Wilson
March interview Kyle McDonald Brian Bell
March ICE Magazine interview Kurt Orzeck Brian Bell
March interview Ridd Sorensen, Jason Kaminski Karl Koch
March 15 Entertainment Weekly interview Rob Brunner Mikey Welsh
March 18 Entertainment Weekly interview Brian Hiatt Rivers Cuomo
March 23 Tragic Kingdom interview Pat Wilson, Brian Bell, Scott Shriner
April interview Joe Robinson, Steve Reynolds Rivers Cuomo
April 20 Calgary Sun interview Lisa Wilton Scott Shriner
April 22 Edmonton Sun interview Mike Ross Scott Shriner
April 27 Kerrang! article Ben Mitchell Rivers Cuomo
May interview Kristin Roth Rivers Cuomo
May Guitar World interview Tom Beaujour Rivers Cuomo, Brian Bell
May Mean Street Magazine interview with Patrick Wilson and Brian Bell - May 2002 Chris Whyte Brian Bell, Pat Wilson
May Rockpile article Alyson Mead Weezer
May 31 article Corey Moss Rivers Cuomo
June Illinois Entertainer article Althea Legaspi Brian Bell, Pat Wilson
June 4 Gene Simmons Tongue article Erik Himmelsbach Weezer
June 6 interview Josue Munoz Matt Sharp
June 20 Rolling Stone article Jenny Eliscu Rivers Cuomo
July FILTER interview Rivers Cuomo
July Guitar Player interview Matt Blackett Rivers Cuomo, Brian Bell
July SPIN interview Weezer
July 3 Salt Lake City Weekly interview Randy Harward Scott Shriner
August Mike's World of Weezer interview Mike Matt Sharp
August Scott Shriner Experience interview Scott Shriner
August 9 Press Enterprise article Cathy Maestri Brian Bell
September interview Scott Shriner
September interview Rivers Cuomo
September 4 interview Scott Shriner
September 10 interview Pat Wilson
September 12 Toledo City Paper interview Mike Saccone Scott Shriner
October 7 Iowa State Daily interview Erin Randolph Matt Sharp
October 10 The Daily Iowan interview Dan Maloney Matt Sharp
October 3 Des Moines Register interview Kyle Munson Matt Sharp
November 4 The Boston Tab article Alexander Stevens Mikey Welsh
? Pat Wilson Wonderland interview Pat Wilson


Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
February 9 Boston Herald article Mikey Welsh
February 14 Metro Boston article Selene Angier Mikey Welsh
April 7 Daily Texan interview Ashok Chandra Brian Bell
June 27 Someday Never interview Matt Sharp
July DIW article Frank Valish Weezer
July 14 interview Josue Munoz Matt Sharp


Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
February 23 Rolling Stone interview John D. Luerssen Matt Sharp
April Underground Online interview Daniel Robert Epstein Karl Koch
April 1 interview Will Fresch Karl Koch
April 1 The Daily Collegian interview Nick Romanow Karl Koch
April 27 Plasma Rag interview Stephanie Kitts Karl Koch
May 3 Daily Targum interview Brent Johnson Karl Koch
June 14 interview Joshua Karl Koch
September Chevy High Performance article John Nelson Patrick Wilson
December 13 Rolling Stone article (excerpt from Rivers' Edge: The Weezer Story) John D. Luerssen Ric Ocasek, Matt Sharp, Jason Cropper


Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
April 21 Terminal City interview Jenn Wong Pat Wilson
April 30 BANDS Magazine 5 Karl Koch
May interview Pat Wilson
May Alternative Press interview/article Trevor Kelley Weezer
May 5 Rolling Stone article Vanessa Grigoriadis Weezer
June 9 L.A. Weekly interview Kate Sullivan Rivers Cuomo
September Chevy High Performance article John Nelson Patrick Wilson
September 14 AOL Music interview AOLMusicTye Rivers Cuomo
September 15 interview Adam St. James Rivers Cuomo
December 28 Toledo Blade interview Jon Stainbrook Scott Shriner
December Elle Girl article Rivers Cuomo


Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
January/February Blender interview Steve Kandell Rivers Cuomo
February 15 Harvard Crimson interview Lena Chen Rivers Cuomo
April 26 Harvard Crimson interview Abe J. Riesman Rivers Cuomo
May 8 Boston Globe interview Joan Anderman Rivers Cuomo
June Beliefnet interview Rivers Cuomo
July 3 The Daily Bruin interview Mark Humphrey Rachel Haden
July 12 MTV interview James Montgomery Rivers Cuomo
August Fan interview Brian Bell
September Alternative Press interview Scott Heisel Matt Sharp
October Independent Music Online interview Danyul Costin Pat Wilson
November 8 Chart Attack interview Trevor Hargreaves Matt Sharp
? Fan interview Rivers Cuomo


Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
Spring Rock Salt Plum Review interview Jalina Mhyana Mikey Welsh
April Alternative Press interview Josh Cain Matt Sharp
July 13 Vin's F*****g Uncensored Blog interview Vin Forte Karl Koch
August 7 interview Matt Rodbard Matt Sharp
October Alternative Press interview Scott Heisel Rivers Cuomo
October 17 interview Daniel Kreps Rivers Cuomo
December 10 Entertainment Tonight Canada interview Heather Adler Rivers Cuomo
? Independent Music Online interview Patrick Karl Koch


Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
March Popular Sounds interview Mathew Karl Koch
June SPIN interview Steve Kandell Weezer
June interview Dale Titus Scott Shriner
June 14 NME interview Rivers Cuomo
June 26 Rolling Stone interview Austin Scaggs Rivers Cuomo
July/August American Songwriter interview Jim Derogatis Weezer
August 12, 2008 RetroBlog interview "RetroDan" Rachel Haden
October The Red Alert interview Adam McKibbin Rivers Cuomo
October 3 Weezerpedia interview Weezerpedia Karl Koch
October 7 Weezerpedia interview Ohjonas Karl Koch
October 27 Pitchfork Media interview Paul Thompson Rivers Cuomo
November 11 Kyle Anderson Rivers Cuomo
December 5 Billboard interview Lavinia Jones Wright Rivers Cuomo
? Fan interview Scott Shriner


Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
January 27 A.V. Club interview Vadim Rizov Rivers Cuomo
February 11 Popular Sounds interview Mathew Karl Koch
February 19 interview Andrew Lindsay Brian Bell
September 21 interview football365 Karl Koch
October 19 interview Joe Bosso Rivers Cuomo
November 9 Facebook Q&A Nicole Simone Brian Bell


Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
January EQ interview Ken Micallef Rivers Cuomo, Butch Walker, Jake Sinclair
June 23 U.S. Soccer interview Aaron Heifetz Rivers Cuomo
July 12 Nick Reviews interview Nick Houghtaling Karl Koch
August 8 interview Alexandra Johnson Brian Bell
August 9 Los Angeles Times interview Ann Powers Rivers Cuomo
November 2 SPIN interview Kevin O'Donnell Rivers Cuomo


Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
May/June Huck Magazine interview Gavin Edwards Rivers Cuomo
July 4 Square Cotton Candy interview Tom Faix Mikey Welsh




Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
October[date?] Alternative Press interview Scott Heisel Weezer
November[date?] Guitar World interview Tom Beaujour Rivers Cuomo, Brian Bell
November 20 Reddit AMA Various Rivers Cuomo






Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
May 9 Yahoo! Music interview Lyndsey Parker Jason Cropper
May 10 Rockzone interview Jordi Meya Brian Bell
November 13 Indie Rocks! interview Andrea Jurado Brian Bell


Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
March 29 We'z Talkin' Weez' 2 Thee interview Chris, Chris Jason Cropper
April 24 Reddit Q&A Matt Sharp
May 17, May 18 Reddit Q&A Jason Cropper


Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
January 27 Apple Music interview Zane Lowe Rivers Cuomo
February 8 WFPK interview Kyle Meredith Brian Bell
March 3 Mondo Sonoro interview Carlos Pérez de Ciriza Brian Bell
May 3 iRock interview Belen Muñoz Brian Bell
May 6 Gigwise interview Rob Wilson Rivers Cuomo
June 29 Guitar World interview Matt Doria Rivers Cuomo


Date Interview Interviewer Interviewee
March 22 (ongoing) Weezerpedia Discord Q&A Karl Koch

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