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Photo from Neighborly Bandcamp page
Background information
Origin Los Angeles, CA, United States
Years active c. 1996-2000
Genre(s) Alternative Rock, emo
Label(s) A Simple Star
Sun Sea Sky Productions[1]
Website Bandcamp
Former Members
Tom Ackerman, Bob Penn

Neighborly was a Los Angeles-based alternative rock and emo band. They contributed the song "Spark & Flash" to Hear You Me! A Tribute to Mykel and Carli, released in 1998.


In addition to the Hear You Me contribution, Neighborly released a single and one proper album during their run. The single, entitled "A Moment for Us...," features longtime Weezer collaborator Adam Orth on bass[2]. Grass is Greener, the band's sole full-length release, was issued in 2000. According to Ackerman, Orth "played a huge role in tightening the LPs final performances."[3]. Wes Davis, Val Wolfe, and Rodger Marinelli also contributed to the album. Weezer drummer Pat Wilson is featured on the album's 15th track "Jarvik 7."



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