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CHOPPER ONE fly on high-octane pop-rock, saturating their songs with the maximum amount of hooks, melodies and harmonies per square inch. In their music, grown-ups celebrate kid memories with unashamed teenage-anthem power.

The band was founded by Jason Cropper, in Hollywood in the Spring of '95, with his wife Amy. Previously, Jason was an original member of WEEZER, but left while recording their debut album. He then taught Amy to play bass while they were expecting their first baby, and the band Braxton Hicks (who appropriately took their name from the term for early labor contractions) was born. After their original drummer Darren left to join the group GOLDFINGER, they reformed as the three-piece CHOPPER ONE.

With both Jason and Amy writing the songs, Jason on lead vocals and guitar and Amy covering harmonies and bass, the line-up became complete with the addtion of drummer Tyrone Rio in the Fall of '95. The band released an independent single on Side One/Dummy at the end of the year, and was featured on the L.A. compilation album HUSH in early ‘96. Jason also played, sang and co-wrote (along with Amy) on the album by 22 JACKS, (currently on the Warped tour) and produced an album for Time Bomb recording artists CRUMBOX.

The band signed to Restless Records and recorded their full-length debut Now Playing with Don Fleming producing (Hole, sonic youth, The Posies, Teenage Fanclub, dinosaur jr.) and Tim Palmer mixing (David Bowie, Pearl Jam, Sponge). The first radio single “Touch My Fuzz” is featured in the new video directed by Jeff Gordon (Reel Big Fish).

As they prepare to tour behind the release of the album, Chopper One has added Steve Garvy as second guitarist. Their live shows combine the edgy pop perfection of vintage Cheap Trick or the lush harmonies of The Beach Boys with the simple, supercharged power of The Who or even Nirvana. With thoughtful songcrafting, instantly hummable hooks and gang vocal choruses that force you to chant along, they tell stories of homicidal neighbors, mysterious fuzz and the grade school free lunch program. With propellers at full churn, CHOPPER ONE is quickly gaining altitude.



The video for the new single, Punk Named Josh which was
directed by Bobcat Goldthwait and stars Goldthwait as "Josh"
has just been added to THE BOX.

Hescher With A Gym Bag was released October 28

Touch My Fuzz was released July 3

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