Weezine Issue 14 - May 1999

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Weezine Issue #14 - May 1999
AuthorKarl Koch
PublisherWeezer Fan Club
Publication dateMay 1999
Media typeMagazine
Preceded byWeezine Issue #13 - Summer 1998
Followed byWeezine Issue #15 - 2018 VIP Karl's Corner Experience Edition

Weezine Issue #14 - May 1999 is the fourteenth and final issue of Weezine, the quarterly magazine released through the Weezer Fan Club. It was released in 1999, and was the first issue to be categorized by month of release, rather than season. It is unknown whether this issue was meant to be the final edition of Weezine, however there would not be another issue released until the "unofficial" reboot of the publication began in 2002.



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