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Spike Jonze

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Rivers Cuomo and Spike Jonze attend a screening of The Dhamma Brothers in 2008.

Adam Spiegel (born October 22, 1969), known professionally as Spike Jonze, is an American director of music videos, commercials, and feature films. He was a frequent collaborator of Weezer in the 1990s.


Spike Jonze began his career as a photographer, and eventually moved on to music videos, where he has achieved considerable acclaim. He directed the Weezer music videos "Buddy Holly," "Undone - The Sweater Song," and "Island in the Sun." The two former are frequently credited with launching the band's commercial success, as they received heavy rotation on MTV.

Jonze also collaborated closely with Wax, a contemporary of Weezer's prior to their signing to Geffen Records. He directed the videos for "Hush" (1992), "California" (1994), and "Who Is Next?" (1995). "California" received particular attention, as it was censored or entirely banned by some networks for depicting a man engulfed in flames running down a street.

In 2003, Palm Pictures released the DVD The Work Of Director Spike Jonze, containing the videos for "Undone" and "Buddy Holly", with exclusive commentary by Weezer. Those videos, along with "Island in the Sun" were subsequently released on 2004's Video Capture Device. It was rumored among fans in October 2008 that Jonze would likely direct the video for "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived". This video never materialized.

Making of "Undone" music video

Selected videography


Song Year Note
"Undone - The Sweater Song" 1994
"Buddy Holly" 1994 Won four awards at the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards,
including Breakthrough Video and Best Alternative Video
"Island in the Sun" 2001


Song Year Note
"Hush" 1992
"California" 1994
"Who Is Next?" 1995

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