Playboy interview with Rivers Cuomo - April 2003

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Publication Playboy
Interviewee Rivers Cuomo
Date April 2003
Title MusicBuzz: Rivers Cuomo
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MusicBuzz: Rivers Cuomo
Author: (Playboy)
Published: April 2003

Playboy: Whats in your CD player?

Rivers: Jay-Z, The Blueprint. He's tough.

Playboy: What was your first concert?

Rivers: Men at Work in 1983. That was my last nonmetal show for 10 years. After that it was Kiss, Scorpions, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Metallica.

Playboy: Have you seen a show recently that you really liked?

Rivers: The Strokes.

Playboy: Were they all falling off the stage drunk?

Rivers: Yeah, definitely. But I also went through that phase.

Playboy: What's the first song you learned to play?

Rivers: Cold Gin off the first Kiss record. Then I wrote my first song, Fight for Your Right. I still remember how to play it. It's extremely gay.

Playboy: Do you know that the Olsen twins covered a song of yours?

Rivers: Yeah, I think that's hilarious. I seem to enjoy a lot of things that piss off our fans. For example, Rice Krispies just called and asked me to write a commercial, and I think that's great. I totally want to write a Rice Krispies song.

Playboy: Are you in the studio?

Rivers: We'll be in the studio on and off for the rest of our lives. We're constantly recording. My best lyrics come from an emotionally disturbing experience, like getting into а fight with a girl. I can't write when l'm happy.

Playboy: No girlfriend?

Rivers: Hell, no. Girlfriends are for chumps.

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