Weezine Issue 16 - 2019 VIP Karl's Corner Experience Edition

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Weezine - 2019 VIP Karl's Corner Experience Edition  
Cover page
Author(s)Karl Koch
Publication date2019
Media typeMagazine
Preceded byWeezine Issue #15 - 2018 VIP Karl's Corner Experience Edition
Followed byWeezine Issue #17 - Tales of Weezer

Weezine - 2019 VIP Karl's Corner Experience Edition is an exclusive issue of Weezine, included as part of the Weezer and Pixies Tour 2019 VIP merchandise package. Unlike the original runs of Weezine, this issue is in full color, and was not distributed through the fan club. It was released in 2019. It has retroactively been labeled issue #16, continuing the numbering of the '90s zines.[1] According to Karl Koch, not enough zines were printed to last through the entirety of the tour, and copies are now "nearly impossible" to find.[2]


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Weezine vol 1 issue 16 cover.png

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