Rock and Roll Part Three

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Rock and Roll Part Three
Rock and Roll Part Three cover
Studio album by Ozma
Released January 1, 2000
Genre Indie pop
Geek rock
Pop punk
Length 45:27
Label Tornado Records (2000)
Kung Fu Records (2001)
Producer Bruce Witkin
Professional reviews
Ozma chronology
Songs of Audible Trucks and Cars
Rock and Roll Part Three
The Doubble Donkey Disc

Rock and Roll Part Three is the first studio album by American rock band Ozma. The album was originally released on Ozma's own Tornado Records in 2000. After signing to Kung Fu Records, the label agreed to re-release both Rock and Roll Part Three and The Doubble Donkey Disc with new some mixing and both being remastered.

While recording the band kept an day by day journal on their website. They would post pictures and fun quotes from that day's recording session, a trend that continued into the recording of The Doubble Donkey Disc.

Some of the songs that were recorded for this record were also featured in their demo form on Songs of Audible Trucks and Cars.

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Ryen Slegr, Jose Galvez and Daniel Brummel, except where noted. 
No. Title Length
1. "Domino Effect" (Slegr, Brummel) 3:31
2. "Apple Trees" (Slegr, Brummel) 3:22
3. "Shooting Stars"   4:07
4. "Natalie Portman" (Brummel) 3:49
5. "The Ups and Downs"   2:51
6. "If I Only Had a Heart"   3:14
7. "Baseball"   5:35
8. "Rocks"   1:57
9. "Battlescars" (Slegr, Brummel) 8:38
10. "In Search of 1988"   4:26
11. "Last Dance" (Slegr, Brummel) 3:57
Total length: