Spending Time on the Borderline

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Spending Time on the Borderline
Spending Time on the Borderline cover
Studio album by Ozma
Released May 6, 2003
Recorded November - December, 2002
Genre Power pop
Geek rock
Pop punk
Label Kung Fu Records
Producer Chris Fudurich
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Ozma chronology
The Doubble Donkey Disc
Spending Time on the Borderline

Spending Time on the Borderline is the third studio album and major label debut by American rock band Ozma.


Spending Time on the Borderline was the band's first full-length record not produced at Pop Squad Studios by Bruce Witkin. It was recorded with Nada Surf producer Chris Fudurich at Standard Electrical Recorders in Venice, CA.

The album cover features images of three audio waveforms of the words "Ozma" "Spending Time" and "on the Borderline".

Promotional release

Three months before the album's release, the band released a promotional CD containing the full album (albeit with tracks 9-11 rearranged).

Track listing

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Spending Time"  Ryen Slegr/Daniel Brummel/Jose Galvez 4:02
2. "Your Name"  Slegr 2:31
3. "Come Home Andrea"  Brummel 3:58
4. "Bad Dogs"  Slegr/Brummel 3:07
5. "Utsukushii Shibuya"  Brummel/Galvez 4:57
6. "Turtleneck Coverup"  Slegr/Brummel 3:45
7. "Gameover"  Slegr/Brummel 4:13
8. "Curve in the Old 1-9"  Brummel 3:51
9. "Restart"  Slegr/Brummel/Galvez 5:01
10. "Eponine"  Brummel 4:14
11. "Wake Up"  Slegr/Brummel 3:41
12. "Light Years Will Burn"  Slegr/Brummel 6:26
Total length:



An Afternoon with Ozma

The Enhanced Edition CD features a bonus "behind-the-scenes" video, An Afternoon with Ozma, recorded and edited by Mickey Stern.

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