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Spending Time

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"Spending Time"
Spending Time cover
Song by Ozma
Album Spending Time on the Borderline
Released 2003
Length 4:01
Label Kung Fu Records
Writer(s) Ryen Slegr
Daniel Brummel
Jose Galvez
Producer(s) Chris Fudurich
Status Officially released
Spending Time on the Borderline track listing
"Spending Time"
"Your Name"

"Spending Time" is the first track from Spending Time on the Borderline.



Notable about this song is that during soundchecks, John Davis of Superdrag used to play the opening riff to this song.[1] It is also keys player Star Wick's favorite track off the album.[2] The song changes time signatures numerous times, utilizing 4/4, 10/4, and 12/4, among others.

Music Video

A music video for "Spending Time" directed by Dylan Hay-Chapman was released in 2003




Eastern Time, Central Time, slow down
If you're racing time and chasing time, slow down
You're buying time and spending time, slow down
You're killing time, precious time, slow down
The borderline is in your mind, slow down

Once you've crossed it, then you've lost it
No sense looking back
Let the minutes take you with them
No sense keeping track

Where we'll go we just don't know
All we have is time to rocket
Slowly through the galaxy, or two or three
Till we break free

Finding time, losing time, slow down
Bending time, breaking time, slow down
Any time you've got the time to slow down
'Cause the borderline is in your mind

Once you go there, then you'll be there
Every Tuesday night
TVs jumping to the ceiling
Watch that kid take flight

Where we'll go we still don't know
But we'll take our time to rocket
Slowly through the galaxy, or two or three
Till we break free from time was just a line
That we kept in mind but never
Thought we'd cross till we got lost
Yeah, the borderline is in your mind, oh

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  2. Japanese TV station Barks interviews Ozma 2003