Ozma concert: 01/24/2001

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Ozma concert: 01/24/2001
Venue KUCI radio station
Location Irvine, CA
Date January 24, 2001
Bootleg Live album released
Ozma live show chronology
Ozma concert: 01/19/2001 Ozma concert: 01/24/2001 Ozma concert: 01/28/2001
Ozma - Live on KUCI - January 24, 2001
Ozma - Live on KUCI - January 24, 2001 cover
Live album by Ozma
Released November 5, 2021
Recorded January 24, 2001
Genre Indie Rock
Power Pop
Length 37:33
Label Self-Released
Ozma chronology
Ozma - Live Acoustic Set - July 12, 2000
Ozma - Live on KUCI - January 24, 2001

Ozma performed for the college radio station KUCI in Irvine, CA on January 24, 2001. A recording of this performance initially circulated among fans, but was remastered by Daniel Brummel for official release on November 5, 2021 on the music platform Bandcamp as the live album Ozma - Live on KUCI - January 24, 2001. The band utilized cat-themed puns throughout the show in reference to a toy cat that the band brought with them.[1]

Track listing

All lyrics written by Ozma, all music composed by Ozma.

No. Title Length
1. "Gameover"   4:03
2. "The Ups and Downs"   2:51
3. "Eponine"   4:22
4. "If I Only Had a Heart"   3:06
5. "Shooting Stars"   4:36
6. "Korobeiniki (Tetris Theme)"   2:17
7. "Flight of the Bootymaster"   4:04
8. "Battlescars"   7:36
9. "Domino Effect / In Search of 1988"   7:46
10. "Rocks"   1:53
Total length:

Album Art

Artist Dylan Green, a prominent member of the Ozma fan community whose artwork had been adopted by the band previously, was hired to create the album art. Said Green:

Continuing on the themes of "historical space travel" and "time capsule" of the first release in the series, I upscaled and chopped up a panoramic image of the band provided by @daniel.brummel into 5 Instax-style Polaroids (which may or may not be period-accurate, but I'll call it artistic liberty), each featuring a member of the band!

Originally, I had assigned this recording to have a yellow color scheme, with Daniel suggesting that something with some more contrast would work better earlier in the series, even considering having it black before we settled on a nice royal blue. As requested by Daniel, I visually incorporated an allusion to the audio clip of a toy cat saying, "I think you're purr-fect" on the recording, ultimately taking the form of a big ink stamp of a Maneki Neko cat!

Lastly, I incorporated some ink stamps featuring various Ozma references and easter eggs (tooth gang represent) and a handwritten tracklist (courtesy of my dad!)

Thank you again to @daniel.brummel, @praysecna, and @losingsand for being great collaborators and letting me contribute to such a cool project![2]

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