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Korobeiniki cover
Single by Ozma
Album The Doubble Donkey Disc
Released 2001
Length 2:18
Label Kung Fu Records
Writer(s) Unknown Artist
Producer(s) Bruce Witkin
Status Officially released
The Doubble Donkey Disc track listing
"No One Needs to Know"
"You Know the Story"

"Korobeiniki" (Коробе́йники, The Peddlers) is a nineteenth-century Russian folk song and the third track and lead single off of The Doubble Donkey Disc by Ozma.



"Korobeiniki" is a nineteenth-century Russian folk song that tells the story of a meeting between a peddler and a girl, describing their haggling over goods in a metaphor for courtship. The song is most well-known outside of Russia for its inclusion in various versions of the video game Tetris, most notably the arrangement by Hirokazu Tanaka for the Game Boy version of Tetris. Both the Tetris and Ozma arrangements of the song are instrumentals.

Ozma's rendition of the song was used as introductory music for the character Mother Russia in the movie Kick-Ass 2.

Music video

A music video for "Korobeiniki" was released in 2001 and was included in the Rock and Roll Part Three Enhanced Edition CD. Artwork from this video can also be seen on the picture disc LP release of Rock and Roll Part Three.[1] A snippet from the video can be seen at the beginning of the 20th-anniversary interview for The Doubble Donkey Disc.[2] A second music video was uploaded by Kung Fu Records in 2002, the video was made up of footage of Ozma playing the main stage on the 2002 Warped Tour. While the band have not re-released these videos in some time, both videos in circulation amongst fans.


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