Ozma concert: 07/12/2000

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Ozma concert: 07/12/2000
Venue Digevent.com HQ
Location Irvine, CA
Date July 12, 2000
Bootleg Live album released
Ozma live show chronology
Ozma concert: 07/08/2000 Ozma concert: 07/12/2000 Weezer concert: 07/28/2000
Ozma - Live Acoustic Set - July 12, 2000
Ozma - Live Acoustic Set - July 12, 2000 cover
Live album by Ozma
Released July 9, 2021
Recorded July 12, 2000
Genre Indie rock
Power pop
Acoustic alternative
Length 32:07
Label Self-released
Ozma chronology
Ozma - Live Acoustic Set - July 12, 2000
Ozma - Live on KUCI - January 24, 2001

Ozma performed at Digevent.com HQ in Irvine, CA on July 12, 2000. The original recording previously circulated among fans, but was remastered by Daniel Brummel for its release on the music platform Bandcamp. The show was previously streamed live to the now-defunct website Digevent.com. Ryen Slegr performed this set while sick with a cold.

Track listing

All lyrics written by Ozma, all music composed by Ozma.

No. Title Length
1. "Domino Effect / Apple Trees"   6:49
2. "Rain of the Golden Gorilla"   3:27
3. "The Ups and Downs"   2:53
4. "If I Only Had a Heart"   3:36
5. "Battlescars"   6:20
6. "Lorraine"   4:52
7. "Gameover"   4:06
Total length:

Music Video

A live recording of "Gameover" from this show was included in the enhanced edition of Rock and Roll Part Three and subsequently uploaded to the band's YouTube.

Album Art

Artist Dylan Green, a prominent member of the Ozma fan community whose artwork had been adopted by the band previously, was hired to create the album art. Said Green:

This one was a lot of fun to work on- @daniel.brummel, @praysecna, and @losingsand gave me a lot of freedom to go wild and experiment with my own ideas while providing a lot of excellent feedback, resources, and insight into different Ozma themes and imagery!

I ended up running with a "historical space travel" theme after having the idea to have Ozma in the style of 70's-era NASA wordmark, with little stamps, photos, and other ephemeral references and allusions to the band and their lyrics! I enjoyed adding digital aging and scanning in an assortment of hand-made and found elements to contribute to a sense of spontaneous realism in this piece.

I'm very proud of the final result, I think we've come up with a cohesive design theme and uniquely appealing aesthetic for this project as a whole, and I'm excited to show you all what's in store for the future. Thank you Daniel, Ryen, and Jose for the opportunity to work and collaborate with one of my favorite bands of all time![1]

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