interview with Rivers Cuomo and Matt Sharp - March 5, 1998

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Digital interview with Rivers Cuomo and Matt Sharp
Interviewee Rivers Cuomo and Matt Sharp
Interviewer Unknown
Date March 5, 1998
Title Weezer Headed To Studio, Meets "Deedles" On The Way
Format Digital
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Weezer Headed To Studio, Meets "Deedles" On The Way
Author: Unknown (
Published: March 5, 1998

While rumors continue to circulate that bassist Matt Sharp is leaving the band, there's news that Weezer will soon be entering a studio to begin work on its next album.

Singer Rivers Cuomo is currently writing songs for the album, which the band hopes to start recording in the Spring.

Meanwhile, Sharp and Cuomo turn up on the soundtrack to the upcoming film "Meet the Deedles," which should hit record stores on March 24. As previously reported (see "Bosstones To Visit 'Sesame Street,' 'Deedles,' And ESPN Before U.S. Tour"), the soundtrack will also feature the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Goldfinger, Radish, Save Ferris and Hepcat.

The soundtrack features a song called "American Girls" that is credited to Cuomo and Sharp's one-off group "Homie," which features former Cake guitarist Greg Brown and drummer Yuval Gabay and bassist Sebastian Steinberg, both of Soul Coughing.

"It's just this is an opportunity for us to try out things we couldn't really do on a Weezer record," Cuomo said of the project. "We get to play with other musicians, and try out different sounds and a different approach, as you'll hear on this song."

"It's totally cool working with all these guys," Sharp added. "I'm totally a fan of Soul Coughing anyway."

The film, starring Dennis Hopper, A.J. Langer, and Steve Van Wormer in a story about surfer brothers who prove themselves to their rich dad by becoming forest rangers, opens on March 27.


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