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Amorphous Records
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Background information
Years active 2000–present
Website Official website
Associated acts
Organic Mechanic
Southern Fried Swing

Amorphous Records is a record label founded in 2000 by Karl Koch. Its artist roster includes Organic Mechanic, Karlophone, Southern Fried Swing, Sonnyboy, and Skuraiipeare. According to label lore, its Executive Director is a mysterious fellow by the name of Blantiss Fliangshemp.


Title Artist Year Record ID
Organic Mechanic Organic Mechanic 2001 AR 001
Press Any Key to Begin Karlophone 2002 AR 002
Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound Southern Fried Swing 2003 AR 003
Snow Lust Skuraiipeare Unknown AR 004
Dad Eye Sonnyboy 2003 AR 005
Desire Karlophone 2004 AR 006
I Must Find This Karlophone... Karlophone 2007 AR 007


Organic Mechanic (AR 001)

Organic Mechanic
See Organic Mechanic (album)

The self-titled debut album from Organic Mechanic, the band of Pat Finn (ex-60 Wrong Sausages member). This is the first of the three initial albums released on the original Amorphous Records website, followed by Press Any Key to Begin and Free Flight Through the Universe of Sound. The CD was available for sale by mail order from the Amorphous Records site starting around the Fall of 2002, though it was originally released in 2001. In the current iteration of the website, it is no longer possible to order the album through the Amorphous Records mail order system.

The index page allotted to Organic Mechanic on the Amorphous Records website is the only one which remains in-tact. While the Karlophone link had always redirected to, the Southern Fried Swing and Skraipeur links originally had their own individual index pages containing information. Both of those pages now lead to a 404 page, leaving Organic Mechanic with the only remaining functioning index page.

In the first iteration of the website, the link "" was given along with the text "For more info on Organic Mechanic, please check back on this link soon, to access the band's official website", however there are no records of this website containing any info or belonging to the band.

Press Any Key to Begin (AR 002)

Press Any Key to Begin
See Press Any Key to Begin

Press Any Key to Begin is the first album released under Karl Koch's musical alias Karlophone, and the second of the initial three albums released on Amorphous Records. The CD was available for sale on the Amorphous Records website starting in the Fall of 2002, and is still available today through the website, as well as through Karlophone's Bandcamp Page.

Work on the album began as early as 1996, when Koch became inspired by popular sampling and sound collage work present in the 1990's. He continued to dig through the copious number of tapes and vinyls he had amassed over time and experimented with mixing and sampling for 6 years until in the September 2002, he made the decision to release what he had created on CD. While Koch claims that the album's release was premature and rough around the edges, he also reports that the album ""...was released to a small appreciative audience, and gained some positive reviews...".

Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound (AR 003)

Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound
See Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound

Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound is the only official album released by Southern Fried Swing, a group consisting of Patrick Wilson and Karl Koch (occasionally also including Pat Finn). It was the third of the initial three albums listed the Amorphous Records website, however it would not go up for sale until late 2003, at the same time as Dad Eye (AR 005). It had a limited release of only 111 handmade CD copies, selling out at some point between 2012 and 2016.

The album was a product of recreational producing and songwriting undertaken by Koch and Wilson that began around 1992, and continued as the band toured through the 90's. The songs are far more bizarre and goofy than those found on Karlophone or The Special Goodness (the solo band of Wilson), consistently incorporating gibberish, nonsensical rap, and toilet humor, along with far more abrasive and synth-heavy instruments. The band labelled the music as "Black Metal" on their MySpace page, however this descriptor is not accurate, and was very likely a joke.

When the band's index page on the Amorphous Records website was still functional, it linked to a chaotic pink section of the website labelled "The My Little Pony Shrine!!!", where many interchanging images of My Little Pony toys were displayed, along with a list of the band's officially and unofficially released songs under "want list:". Also in this section is the text "looking for pristine mnit exmaples of "pinky the fruity pony" and "the black rider" accessories. will pay ove $6000!!!!1!1", along with a (now dead) link to, a forum called "My Little Pony Trading Post". The connection between Southern Fried Swing and My Little Pony are unclear, however it may be a parody of "Bronies".

Snow Lust (AR 004)

Snow Lust
See Snow Lust

Snow Lust is the alleged debut album of Skuraiipeare (also referred to as "Skraper"). It has existed on the second iteration of the Amorphous Records website since its inception, however it has never been available for purchase. Initially, it was listed as "(title TBA)" with its availability listed as "in preparation", however, by the time it was given the name "Snow Lust" at some point before October 2003, it was labelled as "seized by border patrol". There is no reference to the band on the website's mail-order page.

The history and context surrounding Skuraiipeare is largely unknown. It is believed to be a project between Karl Koch and Patt Finn (as alluded to on Rivers Cuomo's October 26, 2005 blog post discussing Finn's history), likely formed before either of them had met any Weezer members. It is possible that there is no actual music officially produced by Skuraiipeare, and that the listing on Amorphous Records is simply an inside joke.

As described by Blantiss Fliangshemp on the website's listing for Snow Lust:

"What is Skkkraipr? The guardians of a lost culture? Madmen? Songs about Grandma Kluskie's ram's milk and molded cabbage chips are filled with an intensity that I sense today's jaded culture would "get into". Kluskinsutch and Gootch's unique and bizarre cultural backround permeates the music which is forced into a western model. The result is confusing and bizarre, but the adaptation of the 4/4 time signature brings the classic compositions of Ackhtennsfjyordland into the realm of intelligibility. They can be filed under: alt rock, world music, techno, new wave, disco and heavy metal. I look forward to getting them into a real recording studio."

The band also previously had a dedicated index page on Amorphous Records (which, at this point, leads to a 404 page), on which extended fictional lore relating to the band's history is written (along with multiple variations of the spelling of their name).

Dad Eye (AR 005)

Dad Eye
See Dad Eye

Dad Eye is the debut album of Sonnyboy, which is the solo musical project of Joe Cunningham (who previously played saxophone with Organic Mechanic). The album was released through Karl Koch's record label Amorphous Records in 2003, sold on the label's website as well as in a number of record stores in Oregon. The album was produced in a limited quantity of 100 copies, however it is unknown how many copies were sold. Free downloads for the songs "What a Shame", "Step Outside Your Circle", and "The Less I Care" were made available on the website.

All mentions of the album were removed from the Amorphous Records website at some point between February and April of 2004 for unknown reasons.

The album is described on the Amorphous Records website:

Sonnyboy is the solo outing of singer/songwriter/sax player Joe Cunningham [Organic Mechanic, 5 Fingers of Funk]. This album moves nicely between satisfying pop songwriting, trancey jazz moments and aggro rock attacks, alternately evoking good vibes of The Police, The Pixies, and The Flaming Lips. Limited edition of 100 copies!

Desire (AR 006)

See Desire

Desire is a single from the album Press Any Key to Begin released in July of 2004 on 7" vinyl (The only 7" to be released by Amorphous Records). It is one of the few items to still be available through the Amorphous Records mail-order service.

Included on the single are two B-sides, "If You Listen" and "Desire (Kid Chocolat Remix)". "If You Listen" is a previously unreleased track produced by Koch and Wilson (who used the alias "Franklin Mint"), and was only available on vinyl until being rereleased as part of a compilation album titled Beetbox 2: Electric Boogaloo in 2006. "Desire (Kid Chocolat Remix)" is a remix of "Desire" done by Swiss DJ Kid Chocolat, who would work with Koch multiple times after this.

Like the other Karlophone releases, this single is still available for purchase on Karlophone's Bandcamp Page.

I Must Find This Karlophone... (AR 007)

I Must Find This Karlophone...
See I Must Find This Karlophone...

I Must Find This Karlophone... is the second and final album by Karlophone, as well as the final release made available through Amorphous Records. It was released as a CD as well as a limited edition of 150 12" vinyl (Marking the label's first, and only, 12" release) on February 26, 2007. It remains available through Amorphous Records mail-order service as well as the Karlophone Bandcamp Page. As of January 2021, Koch reports that about 75 of the 150 initial vinyl are still available to purchase.

This album was worked on as early as 2002, directly following the release of Press Any Key to Begin, and suffered reported delays causing it to be released in 2007. The album is far more focused on incorporating samples into atmospheric looping music featuring live instruments. It is described by Koch as "good driving music".

The full title of the album, as shown on the album art, is "I Must Find This Karlophone... And Kill Him If My Home Planet Is To Be Saved!", possibly alluding to unexplored lore surrounding Karlophone.

Blantiss Fliangshemp

See Blantiss Fliangshemp
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Amorphous' official website makes the following statement about on Fliangshemp: "If anyone has any information pertaining to the whereabouts of Blantiss Fliangshemp, please contact the authorities immediately. He should be considered unarmed and extremely stimulating."

Pat Finn, frontman for Organic Mechanic and longtime Weezer collaborator, had this to say about the mysterious label exec:
"Blantiss Fliangshemp is a major crackpot and he has absolutely no right to represent amorphousrecords or any of the people on the label. I agree with what he's saying, but he must be stopped."

Though his whereabouts have been unknown for quite some time, Fliangshemp has himself released two statements into the world in past two decades. One came in the form of a letter to Wired Magazine in 2003, and the other came in the form of an "Untitled Decree" the following year.

Fliangshemp can supposedly be reached regarding his "stable of Amorphous artists" by emailing, subject header "Amorphous: Dear Blantiss."

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