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Desire cover
Single by Karlophone
Album Press Any Key to Begin
Released Fall 2002 (album version)
July 1, 2004[1] (7" single)
Format vinyl
Length 4:34
Label Amorphous Records
Producer(s) Karl Koch
Status Officially released
Press Any Key to Begin track listing
"Mystic Droid"

"Desire" is a single and the eleventh track from Karlophone's 2002 album, Press Any Key to Begin.



The song was originally released in 2002, appearing as the final track on Press Any Key to Begin, the debut album by Karl Koch under the Karlophone moniker. On July 1, 2004, the song was released as a 7"-vinyl single on the website of Amorphous Records (a record label co-ran by Koch and friend Pat Finn), with a total of 500 copies pressed.[2] It was later put up for sale on his Bandcamp page. According to Koch, the single's art was taken from a book of lithographs titled The Complete Encyclopedia of Illustration by J.G. Heck.[3] Former Weezer bassist Matt Sharp, in a letter to fans posted in 2004, praised the song and advertised the release of the vinyl:

man of many talents, long lost friend, 5th weezer member, archivist and =w= historian karl koch is not only stealthy with a a camera, but he has also recently released a new single on vinyl under the "Karlophone" moniker. the single is titled "desire" it's a truly suave lounge dj type affair that will brighten up your summer days. (official KARLOPHONE website)

Matt Sharp, Note to Fans from Matt Sharp - August 4, 2004

The single features two b-sides: "If You Listen", a previously-unreleased track co-produced and featuring guitar work by Patrick Wilson; and a remix of "Desire" by Swiss DJ Kid Chocolat. The remix utilizes stereoscopic sound and features a more atmospheric tone than the original. Karlophone would simultaneously contribute a song titled "Dr. Strangelove Sings the Beatles Pt. 1 (Num Num Mix)" to Kid Chocolat's compilation CD Hello Children, The Peter Sellers Rmx in 2004.

Kid Chocolat remixed "Desire" again in 2007, releasing the "(Kid Chocolat Rmx Version 2)" on the album KCRMX.[4]

Track listing

7"-vinyl single
No. Title Length
1. "Desire"   4:34
2. "If You Listen"   3:26
3. "Desire (Kid Chocolat Remix)"   3:15

Music video

A music video for the single was filmed in the spring of 2003 around Ithaca, NY. It was made available on the Amorphous Records website as an .mpeg download, and later uploaded to the Karlophone YouTube channel.



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