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Featured quote - Pat Wilson and Rivers Cuomo on Weezer's yet-to-be-released third album.

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From a March 2001 Revolver interview:

Cuomo is being coyer lyrically with this new batch of songs. "They're very general," he says. "Not to put down what we did before, but it's a bit like waking up the morning after a party where you got drunk and spilled your guts - you feel kind of stupid the next day."

Moving away from confessional songwriting isn't the only change that the band has undergone. Since Sharp split in '98, Cuomo says the band is actually stronger than before. "It goes a lot quicker, and the results are a lot better," he says of recent recording sessions.

Still, Cuomo won't—or, perhaps, can't—explain the exact circumstances behind Weezer's two-year sabbatical. "I can't really put my finger on a single reason why things got held up," he says, sidestepping rumors of a Brian Wilson-style meltdown. "It's a good question that we don't have an answer to yet."

But wait - drummer Pat Wilson has one. "The Lord works in mysterious ways," he says, an angelic smile on his face. "I hope that answer will solidify our Christian band status."

-Erick Himmelsbach (writer), Rivers Cuomo, Pat Wilson, Revolver article - March 2001

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