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Current featured quote

Featured quote

From a December 1994 article in the Hartford Courant

[Kevin] Ridel is not surprised that Cuomo has achieved such success with Weezer. But [another] person is: Kenneth Holton, Cuomo's high school music teacher, a classical theorist (and decidedly not a metal fan), who listened to Avant Garde just to encourage a favorite student.
"He was fascinated by heavy metal.…He had very long, teased hair all around his head. My chorus got a reputation for having the kid with the long hair," remembered Holton, now retired.
"It's been really interesting for me. I hear a lot of harmonies and the chord changes of pop songs [in Weezer]. I was really surprised to hear all that coming through. [Cuomo] rejected all that entirely in high school."

- Roger Catlin (Staff Writer from the Hartford Courant), Hartford Courant article - December 4, 1996

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April 2022 Mikey Welsh "I think that the artist (I'm only speaking for myself here), should be completely removed from the process. The only thing that matters to me is the work. It should always be powerful enough to speak or scream at people. The artist shouldn’t have to stand there at the opening, explaining things to people." Rock Salt Plum Review interview with Mikey Welsh - Spring 2007 --MyNameIsJason (talk) 02:32, 3 April 2022 (UTC)
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