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Featured list: List of Jason Cropper concerts

This page attempts to document all concerts by Jason Cropper, including as a solo artist as well as other projects, such as Chopper One or Fliptop. This list excludes the shows Cropper played with Weezer while still a band member.

Date Country City Venue Concert
June 21, 1997 usausa Santa Monica, CA Alligator Lounge Ozma concert: 06/21/1997
January 3, 1998 usausa Jackie+kristy's get together Chopper One concert: 01/03/1998
March 11, 2000 usausa Irvine, CA The Ska Parade Radio Show Fliptop concert: 03/11/2000
April 21, 2000 usausa Anaheim, CA Chain Reaction Fliptop concert: 04/21/2000
June 27, 2021 usausa San Francisco, CA Double Rainbow Ice Cream Jason Cropper concert: 06/27/2021
October 7, 2021 usausa Oakland, CA The Golden Hour (virtual concert) Jason Cropper concert: 10/07/2021

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