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Featured list: List of book-end tracks

This list collects all recordings that were either the first or last to feature a primary Weezer band member. Neither contributors to Weezer recordings or live shows nor producers of Weezer recordings are included in this list.

Recording Note Released
Weezer (The Blue Album)
The Blue Album was the first Weezer recording to feature Rivers Cuomo, Matt Sharp, Patrick Wilson, and Brian Bell, as it was the group's debut. 1994
"Jamie" was the first and last properly-released Weezer recording to feature Jason Cropper, who had already been replaced by Brian Bell when the song was released. He received writing credits on The Blue Album as well as instrumentation and vocal credits on bonus tracks from its reissue. 1994
"American Girls"
Meet the Deedles Soundtrack.jpg
Although it was technically attributed to Homie, "American Girls" was the last Weezer recording to feature Matt Sharp before he left the band. He would later be featured on the reissue of Pinkerton . 1998
Where Is My Mind cover.jpg
"Velouria" was the first Weezer recording to feature Mikey Welsh. 1998
Weezer Photograph cover.jpg
"Photograph" was the last Weezer recording to feature Mikey Welsh, even though its music video would feature Scott Shriner. 2001
Weezer Maladroit.jpg
Maladroit was the first Weezer recording to feature Scott Shriner, though he had already appeared in the "Photograph" music video and begun touring with the band. 2002

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