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Featured list: List of Weezer b-sides and bonus tracks

The following is an excerpt of Weezerpedia's list of every Weezer b-side and bonus track.

Song Included on: Notes
"Mykel & Carli"
  • Undone (Australian Retail CD) (1995)
  • Undone (UK Retail CD/UK Retail Cassette/UK 7" Single (Blue Vinyl)) (1995)
"I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams"
"I Do"
  • Hash Pipe (US Retail CD single/US Retail 7" (Black Vinyl))
  • Hash Pipe (International retail CD single)
"Are 'Friends' Electric?"
"Prom Night"
"Living Without You"
"Meri Kuri"
  • Music: Kazuhiro Hara
    Arrangement: Kazuhiro Hara
    Lyrics: Kan Tinhua
    Originally performed by BoA
"Fake Smiles and Nervous Laughter"
"Feels Like Summer" (Acoustic)
"I've Thrown It All Away"

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