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Featured article: Generation Blue

Generation Blue is a 2024 multimedia project curated and edited by S.W. Lauden (a pen name for former Ridel High drummer Steve Coulter). It consists of a compilation album and oral history book covering Weezer's contemporaries in the early 90's in Los Angeles.

The book covers the influence of the Blue Album on the local music scene's development, and includes retrospectives and personal accounts from members of Ozma, Supersport 2000, Shufflepuck, Chopper One, and Nerf Herder, among others. Its foreword was written by Karl Koch and its afterword by Justin Fisher.

The record was released both digitally and as a limited-edition vinyl LP on April 26, 2024. It features 11 songs by the bands featured in the book, some of which are previously unreleased. A record release concert was held on April 28 in Monrovia, CA.

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