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Featured article: The Lion and the Witch

Weezer The Lion and the Witch.jpg

The Lion and the Witch is a 2002 live EP by Weezer. Recorded over six live dates in Japan in the spring of 2002, it was released on September 24 of that same year. The EP was distributed as a limited edition release in independently owned music stores, with only 25,000 copies made.

Like Maladroit, the marketing of this EP caused a rift with Weezer's record label. The band wanted an eight-song EP with a unique packaging that wouldn't involve crystal cases. Geffen told the band that the packaging idea was too expensive and the number of songs on the EP needed to be reduced from eight songs to six as to not upset the other retailers who wouldn't be getting the disc. The artwork and packaging stuck but the disc's length was reduced to six songs, the instrumental opener "Polynesia" being relegated to a hidden track.

Scott Shriner, who had been in the band for less than a year at the time of these shows, forgets the words to the bridge of "Holiday" on this EP. After the performance is through, Cuomo muses "Scott just won a Grammy!"

The EP's cover art was designed by Los Angeles-based duo kozyndan.

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