My Spine

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My Spine
Demo by Patrick Wilson
Recorded Fall 1993
Patrick Wilson chronology
My Spine
Suburban Advantage

My Spine is an 8-track demo recorded by Patrick Wilson in fall 1993.


Around September 1993, while recording the Blue Album with Weezer in New York, Wilson began experimenting with recording solo music.[1]: a b He developed a handful of new songs on four- and eight-track and, around November, recorded seven completed songs onto an eight-track reel which he entitled My Spine. Karl Koch has described it as "rough".[1]: c Some material from this demo would be re-tooled for Wilson's second solo demo tape, Suburban Advantage.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Old and Wise"    
2. "You'll Never Change"    
3. "Someday You Will Have to Leave"    
4. "I Wouldn't Say It"    
5. "Buying and Selling"    
6. "Why Is This So"    
7. "Scare You Off"    

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