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Here's what I've mocked up so far:


{{Featured quote headline}} (Just displays the words "Featured quote" - no editing needed)
{{Featured quote code|PERSON'S NAME|QUOTE|SOURCE}}

{{Featured quote links|SOURCE}}

Filled in, it looks like this:


{{Featured quote code|Mikey Welsh|I think that the artist (I'm only speaking for myself here), should be completely removed from the process. The only thing that matters to me is the work. It should always be powerful enough to speak or scream at people. The artist shouldn’t have to stand there at the opening, explaining things to people.|[[Mikey Welsh]], [[Rock Salt Plum Review interview with Mikey Welsh - Spring 2007]]}}

{{Featured quote links|[[Rock Salt Plum Review interview with Mikey Welsh - Spring 2007|see full interview]]}}

I first wanted to format the "source" parts a bit more - right now you can just dump anything there. I thought about having it be a piped internal link (i.e. [[{{{1}}}|see full interview]]), but I didn't do that. I figure we may be pulling quotes from all over the internet, and not necessarily always from interviews. If you're pulling from a YouTube video of Rivers saying something on stage, for example, that piped internal link doesn't work b/c (1) it can't link and (2) it's not an interview.

Example filled in

Featured quote: {{{1}}}

Featured quote: {{{headline}}}

[[Image:{{{speaker}}} head.png|link={{{speaker}}}|100px]]

-[[{{{speaker}}}]], {{{source}}}

{{{link}}} | edit | previous featured quotes

see full interview | edit | previous featured quotes


The image in {{Featured quote code}} is pulled from the first thing you enter into the template. The template code there is:

[[Image:{{{1}}} head.png|link={{{1}}}|100px]]

I did this because I didn't want to make people fish around for the quote head images - you just type in the person's name and the image appears. I made a redirect (File:Mikey Welsh head.png) which leads to the current Mikey quote box image (File:Mikeyhead.png) so it would work for the template. We'd need to make similar redirects for all the other quote box images.

Questions I have

  • How can we standardize the height and width of the colored box surrounding the quote here?
    • If we can do that, we could set it to mirror the exact dimensions of the YouTube embed and then we'll have a super orderly main page! That would be if we wanted to stick the quote next to the featured video, I guess.
  • I think I can combine all the templates into one here, making the task of editing the featured quote easier on the eyes for newer editors. Here's what I'm thinking of if anyone thinks that's a good idea: Template:Featured quote code 2

Templates used