3 Titres Inédits

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3 Titres Inédits
3 Titres Inédits cover
by Weezer
Released 2001
Length 9:02
Label Geffen, Polydor

3 Titres Inédits ("3 Unpublished Titles") is a promotional CD released in France alongside Weezer's eponymous 2001 album, the Green Album. Due to its inclusion of the correct mix of the b-side "Always", it is sometimes referred to as the "Always" promo.


this cd was originally intended to be packaged with the Green Album in France, as a special bonus cd shrinkwrapped to the main CD. Apparently the French record company decided the promotion wasn't necessary due to the Green Albums sucess in France, and the idea was scrapped. However, a small amount of the actual promo cd were in fact pressed. The live songs are from the Extended Midget Tour, the Always 'remix' is the same mix as the b-side found elsewhere.

- Karl Koch, Collectors Discography - Page 3

The promo CD's packaging lists incorrect song lengths for "Don't Let Go" and "Always".

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Crab" (Live @ Columbus (12/05/2001)) 3:02
2. "Don't Let Go" (Live @ Kalanazoo[sic] (12/06/2001)) 3:19
3. "Always" (Jack Joseph Puig Remix (inédit)) 2:41


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