60 Wrong Sausages concert: 11/29/1991

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60 Wrong Sausages: 11/29/1991
Venue Phoenix Theatre
Location Petaluma, CA
Date November 29, 1991
Supporting acts Monsula
One Man Running
Headliner Nuisance
Guests Matt Sharp
Bootleg Recorded by Karl Koch, not in circulation
60 Wrong Sausages live show chronology
11/29/1991 - Petaluma, CA 07/18/1992 - Los Angeles, CA
(Informal "reunion" during a Weezer show)

60 Wrong Sausages performed at the the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, California on November 29, 1991. This was the band's first and only concert, as they would break up shortly after. 60 Wrong Sausages, Monsula and One Man Running opened for Nuisance.[1]


Matt Sharp attended this show. This was the the first time he had seen his future Weezer bandmates in about 6 months, as he had moved away from Los Angeles to Berkeley, CA earlier in the year.[2] According to Karl Koch, Sharp shouted 'WHO WIELDS THE SCEPTER?'" at the end of the show from the audience without much explanation.[3]


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Though a recording exists of this show, Karl Koch has not shared a complete setlist. Songs known to have been performed include "Tennis Ball," "Been Gi," "Sheriff Wong," "The Biggest Animal," and "The Answer Man."[4]



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