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"A Dio"
A Dio cover
Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 606
COR# 287
Status Demo circulating
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
(RC# 605)
"A Dio"
(RC# 606)
"The Metal Song"
(RC# 607)

"Adio" ("Goodbye") is a song written by Rivers Cuomo and demoed on June 6, 2001 for Spanish pop star Enrique Iglesias. It was never used by Iglesias, but Cuomo's demo appeared on the digital compilation Alone VIII: The Maladroit Years in 2020.



"I don't know why I used an Italian word instead of a Spanish word."
Rivers Cuomo[1]

From the Weezer Recording History:

"Right before going to Europe, Rivers went into a studio to do a demo. Apparently he was asked by somebody in the Enrique Iglesias world if he wanted to submit a song for Enrique. The details of how all this came about are unclear, and it is known that the song was not used by Enrique. Two takes (one incomplete) of "A Dio" were recorded at an unknown Manhattan studio. Rivers commented at the time that there wasnt enough time to get the song down properly, so he doubted the demo was together enough to be considered for Enriques next album. And apparently he was right."
  • "A Dio" (2 takes, one incomplete)


If there's something on your mind
Come on and tell me now, it's time
'Cause I just want to make you mine

I want to dance the night away
Tell your friends you got to stay
'Cause I don't ever want to say

I wouldn't change you if I could
Don't want to be misunderstood

I want to dance the night away
Tell your friends you got to stay
'Cause I don't ever want to say

Why don't you stay home with me?

See also

  1. "Maladroit Preview 2021-12-27 14.38.mp3" from Alone VIII: The Maladroit Years