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All the Walls

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"All the Walls"
All the Walls cover
Album track by Jason Cropper
Album Songs from 2008
Released March 25, 2022
Format digital
Length 3:47
Label Studio C Music
Writer(s) Jason Cropper
Status Officially released
Songs from 2008 track listing
"Stop to Wonder"
"All the Walls"
"Ferris Wheel Girl"

"All the Walls" (sometimes stylized as "All the walls") is a song by Jason Cropper and the third track from the album Songs from 2008.



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If you want to be remembered
Don't you think you ought to try?
We can do whatever comes natural

If you want me to be happy
Well, check your baggage at the door
'Cause I don't have the time to handle
That shit no more

All the walls are coming down

And if you have the will to love me
Well, don't you think you ought to try?
'Cause I've got way more love to offer
Than any other guy

You can run from all your feelings
And you can push them down inside
You'll pretend that you don't have them
Well, it's a lie

All the walls are coming down
And all the walls are coming down
All the walls are coming down

When we wake up in the morning
And I tell you how I feel
Please, girl, just try to remember
That stuff was real

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