From Weezerpedia is a usenet newsgroup (an alternative to message boards, common prior to the 2000s) under the alt.* hierarchy. The newsgroup's description is "The rock band Weezer and everything related to them".


Weezer was first mentioned on usenet in February 1994, in a message published to[1] The first message published to the newsgroup was made in March 1996 about an unrelated band.[2] The first message pertaining to Weezer was made in April 1997.[3]

The newsgroup was a popular hub for online Weezer fan discussion prior to the popularization of message boards. Between 1997 and 2005, there was a total of just over 15,000 unique threads published, after which usage fell off precipitously. Messages spanned all manners of Weezer-related topics, including discussion of bands related to or similar to Weezer. Occasionally, Karl Koch and Pat Finn—who are closely associated with the band—contributed to the newsgroup (under the usernames Karl Koch and Pjfsk8s, respectively).

In 2001, Google acquired extensive existing archives of usenet messages spanning numerous decades and made them publicly available through the Google Groups platform.[4] Through this still-extant platform, it is possible to access and search an archive of all messages published under the newsgroup, as well as post new messages without external newsreader software.

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