American Holiday

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American Holiday
American Holiday cover
Unofficial bootleg by Weezer
Released 1995
Format CD
Recorded August 31, 1994 (tracks 1–9)
December 5, 1994 (tracks 10–18)
Length 1:03:03
Label Tornado

American Holiday is an unlicensed bootleg Weezer CD released by the record label Tornado in late 1995. Band archivist and roadie Karl Koch recognizes it to be the second Weezer bootleg ever released, following Geezer, which released earlier the same year.[1]


The bootleg contains audio from two different 1994 Weezer shows: tracks 1–9 come from their August 31 concert at the Other World in St. Louis, MO, and tracks 10–18 from their December 5 concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City,[2] both part of the band's Blue Album Tour. Performances of songs from Weezer (The Blue Album) make up the majority of the bootleg's tracks, interspersed with an early performance of "Getchoo" (which would later appear on Pinkerton in 1996) as well as the B-side "Jamie".

American Holiday, whose title is seemingly an amalgam between the Weezer songs "Surf Wax America" and "Holiday", was produced in Taiwan by the record label Tornado. Its exact release date is unknown, however it is known to have been created sometime in mid-to-late 1995, after the release of Geezer in Spring.[1] Its art is derivative of the cover of Weezer (The Blue Album), with the four band members overlayed over a green-tinted American flag. Most songs are referred to by incorrect or fabricated titles on the track listing.[2] An additional track, "Conclusion", is present only as part of the track listing printed on the release's disc. It is unknown how many copies were produced or how broadly it was distributed. The CD is coveted by some as a rare collector's item.[1]


The bootleg was first officially recognized by the band when it was included in a list of bootleg releases in the Spring 1996 edition of Karl's Corner, a column ran by Karl Koch and (originally) featured in issues of the quarterly Weezer Fan Club publication Weezine. It's listed alongside other 1995 bootlegs Geezer and Rock Candy, along with Live in Paris & Boston (a cassette which Koch later removed from bootleg lists due to an abundance of duped tapes without distinct art or titles). Here, Koch briefly describes the album and rates its sections out of 10: "Song listings all wrong and hilarious. St. Louis part=4 NYC part=-2 (awful)".[2]

In his online catalog of Weezer releases, the Collectors Discography, which existed on from 2001 to 2014, Koch included American Holiday as the second in a list of three "'old school' bootlegs", which he states "have attained some historical significance" (which also included Geezer and Rock Candy).[3]

The bootleg was most recently mentioned when it was featured in an entry of the "Today in Weezer history" series of social media posts on December 4, 2013. The post focuses on Geezer, but at one point notes American Holiday as the band's second bootleg:[1]

[Geezer] was first ever weezer show to get bootlegged on CD - but it wouldn't be the last - also pictured here are #2, "American Holiday", and #3 "Rock Candy", both from later in 1995. Many more would follow in the 90s before everything went to Napster and such and bootleg CDs and LPs became just novelties for completest collectors.

Track listing

No. TitleBootleg title Length
1. "No One Else"  "I Want a Girl" 3:25
2. "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"  "Do You Believe" 3:36
3. "Buddy Holly"  "Buddy Holly" 2:40
4. "In the Garage"  "No-One Hears Me" 3:40
5. "Say It Ain't So"  "Say It A'int So" 5:19
6. "Getchoo"  "Get'ch You" 3:00
7. "Holiday"  "Holiday" 3:51
8. "Undone - The Sweater Song"  "Sweater Song" 4:12
9. "Surf Wax America"  "What America Needs" 2:59
10. "My Name Is Jonas"  "Bet On You" 3:28
11. "No One Else"  "I Want a Girl" 3:00
12. "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"  "Do You Believe" 3:34
13. "Buddy Holly"  "Buddy Holly" 2:56
14. "Jamie"  "I Love You So" 3:40
15. "Say It Ain't So"  "Say It A'int So" 4:23
16. "Undone - The Sweater Song"  "Sweater Song" 4:47
17. "Surf Wax America"  "What America Needs" 3:35
18. Untitled  "Conclusion" 0:58
Total length:


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